REVIEW: Hutch Nightmare Men – LJ Vickery

Hutch Nightmare Men Book Cover Hutch Nightmare Men
LJ Vickery
MM Paranormal Romance
Weir River Press
June 23, 2020

Hutch Bates isn’t fooling anybody. His psychiatric practice is one in name, only. He doesn’t practice, he prescribes. When he’s called out for his transgressions, shock hits hard. His license isn’t revoked, his life is. But he’s given a second chance. He must drastically reset his moral compass while rendering immediate aid to a woman suffering PTSD induced nightmares. If he succeeds, his sentence will be mitigated. If he fails, Hell awaits.

His head suddenly went wonky. “Huh. I don’t feel so good.”
“Hey!” Paxton leaped up.
Even Gunni was panicked. “You’re dissolving!”
Hutch looked down at his hands and attempted to speak. I am. The words came without substance.
“You can’t leave,” Paxton cried. “You haven’t fixed me yet.”
He wanted to answer, assure Paxton he’d be back, but his mouth was gone, along with the rest of him

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If, like me, you are a huge fan of Ms. Vickery then you will not want to miss this new series. The Immortals was one of my favorite series and I was so happy to realize that I was not done with the Blue Hills Gods or even Beletseri (Bel) and now she is front and center.

Hutchinson (Hutch) Bates is a psychiatrist who on his way to work found himself stranded in a strange place filled with sand and a flame with no heat. He is sure that he is dead but can’t imagine why he wound up in a place looking and feeling very much like Hell. It didn’t take long for him to realize his transgression as a psychiatrist. He stopped treating his patients and only gave them pills, if one pill didn’t work then he would prescribe another. He started out with an amazing office thanks to his wealthy parents and was ready to help all those who needed him, even his first patient who he was treating pro bono. It was ten years ago that this patient destroyed everything he ever hoped to do when he went crazy in the office destroying everything he could. Now Bates Behavioral Health is a place people needing help just get drugs.

Hutch begins to see into a woman’s dreams, actually her nightmares, a woman, Darby Peltor who just three short months ago was robbed at the convenience store she worked in and beaten leaving her with broken ribs and one hundred stitches. Her nightmares always relive what happened and as Hutch becomes very interested in her and her life he begins to analyze her, something he had forgotten with his other patients. He recognizes things about the robber and he begins to care for Darby even though she can’t see or hear him. Slowly it seems that his being in her dreams she begins to feel less alone until she finally sees her dream man and is able to find out his name and give him hers.

Hutch is joined by two other men, Gunnison (Gunni) a pilot and Paxton who works for a big box store company. Neither of these men have been seeing nightmares but you can bet that they will be appearing in their own book in the future. What problems they have I won’t reveal, what happens with Hutch and Darby is also something I will not share but if you love Ms. Vickery’s books then you don’t need to know anything more than she wrote this book and you are sure to love it.

Special Projects in Purgatory is run by none other than our old enemy Beletseri and she has a job and a mission and she informs Hutch how he fits into her plans. What more can I say other than as soon as I received this book to review I started it and finished it all in one day. I have loved many books and many authors but Ms. Vickery is an author that catches my attention from page one and doesn’t let up till the end.

Romance, surprises, second chances and amazing characters.

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