Review: Ice on Fire – G.R. Lyons

Ice on Fire Book Cover Ice on Fire
Treble and the Lost Boys Book 1
G.R. Lyons
MM Romance
April 27, 2018

Zac Cinder is on the verge of making his dream come true. His punk rock band, Inferno, might have a shot at an audition for a record deal. Fame and fortune would mean he could finally help his parents. They'd raised eight kids in a loving household while barely scraping by, so Zac is determined to give back in any way he can.

Keeping Inferno together, though, means keeping his biggest secret. His bigoted bandmates would drop him in an instant if they found out Zac was gay.

Then he meets Adrian Frost, and Zac can't resist the shy man. Adrian gives up everything to be with Zac, but Zac can't bring himself to do the same. He doesn't want to lose Adrian, but he can't give up Inferno, either. Not when he's so close to realizing his dream.

When one cruel decision rips Adrian from his life, Zac will have to decide if ambition is worth the price of the greatest happiness he's ever known.

(Note: This story takes place in a fictional world, the same as in the Shifting Isles Series. There are multiple gods, different names for the days of the week, etc. A glossary is included.)

WARNING: Contains scenes of self-harm that may be disturbing for some readers.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the first book I have read by GR Lyons, but it will not be the last. Set in a future world, this is a story that draws you in from the very first line. The world building doesn’t have a lot of impact in this story but you get glimpses of the next installment where it seems to have more of a presence. In this book, Adrian and Zac are both struggling to find their way in the world. They are absolutely opposites. From family, to wealth, to health, to how they move through the world, these guys could not be more different. Lyons creates heat between these two young men before they even actually meet. This series follows the members of a music group, with Zac being one of the violinists of the trio. Zac is caught between who he wants to be and who he has to be. He is not out. And since he is also a member of a rock band whose other members are openly homophobic, he can’t risk coming out any time soon. Adrian is the son of a seriously powerful and controlling father. Adrian’s father goes so far as to track his homework assignments in college. Being so far under his father’s thumb, and having no access to any money until he graduates, Adrian can’t even conceive of coming out. He also suffers from debilitating anxiety. There are other serious mental health issues dealt with in this book that include self-harming. It is handled with care and the gravity it deserves. I found myself rooting for these guys so hard. Yes. There were times I wanted to reach into the book and shake them, but those frustrations were resolved in a great happily ever after!

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