REVIEW : Jagged Feathers – The White Runes Book #2 – Jan Sikes

Jagged Feathers Book Cover Jagged Feathers
The Runes Series Book #2
Jan Sikes
Crime Thriller, Military, Romance,Romantic Suspense
White Rose Perss
Jan 31, 2022

Vann Noble did his duty. He served his country and returned a shell of a man, wounded inside and out. With a missing limb and battling PTSD, he seeks healing in an isolated cabin outside a small Texas town with a stray dog that sees beyond his master's scars. If only the white rune's magic can bring a happily ever after to a man as broken as Vann.

On the run from hired killers and struggling to make sense of her unexplained deadly mission, Nakina Bird seeks refuge in Vann's cabin. She has secrets. Secrets that can get them all killed.

A ticking clock and long odds of living or dying, create jarring risks.
Will these two not only survive but find unexpected love along the way? Or, will evil forces win and destroy them both?

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Vann Noble has been living with PTSD and nightly visions of the explosion that tore the humvee he and the other soldiers were riding in and the sight of body parts laying on the ground. The explosion caused the death of his best friend Sam and his leg and if it wasn’t for Champion the battered dog, he found on his porch he would have no reason to go on. When Vann delivered Sam’s letter to his sister Rena in Cedar Springs, Texas he decided to stay rather than return home. Living in a cabin away from people working on his wood carvings he has found the only peace he can imagine, but that will all change.

Nakina Bird is running for her life when fate brought her to Vann’s attention. Sick with no energy left she collapsed in front of Vann who immediately knew he needed to protect her especially when bullets started flying in their direction. Nakina has always seen visions and she knew without a doubt that her boss who entrusted her to deliver a key and a package to Dallas had been killed. She is determined to fulfill her promise and happily accepts Vann’s help.

Vann discovers what is in the package and has no doubt that the key will lead them to something even more important. They have found themselves involved with the Montoya Cartel and the danger is very real. Nakina is also worried that her sister could be a casualty and they will require more help. It is Rena, Sam’s sister now a police officer that is able to get them the support they need but will it be enough.

Nakina’s psychic abilities are not always accurate and it often leaves her wondering if it is something that happened in the past or will happen in the present or future but the messages, she hears from her grandmother give her the strength she needs. While running from the cartel Vann and Nakina realize that there is something growing between them but he refuses to reveal his secret about his leg and she is convinced that he could never accept her psychic abilities. Once again two people who need to communicate.

Amazing characters, suspense, romance and two people who are perfect for each other if they reveal their secrets and accept the shortcomings, they believe they have. In book one we met Rena who found her HEA and credited the rune stone Sam gave her and is convinced that Vann needs it now. Vann doesn’t believe in the magic of the stone like Rena but will he be proven wrong and will Nakina be the one that gives him the life he never thought he could have.

This series does not have to be read in order but you would definitely be missing out on some good reading. I can’t wait for the next book.




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