REVIEW: Just Call Me Confidence – Stella Grae

Just Call Me Confidence Book Cover Just Call Me Confidence
Stella Grae
Humerous Erotica, Romance
Wild Rose Press
March 22, 2023

Jenna Craig is a 40-year-old freshly-minted “hot momma” looking for a little love in her post-divorce life. After a night out with her cougar tribe, she wonders whether she’s still got “it”—the double-takes from the college clowns at the bar quickly put her doubts to rest. Though she may be alone, she knows she’ll never be lonely.

Jenna’s newfound confidence is buoyed by some swim club eye candy: Travis the lifeguard. Hot trysts in the locker room leave her wondering if she might want something more. When her naughty, new boy toy introduces her to his friend, Collin, Jenna is engulfed with waves of emotion that she thought she might never feel again. With two younger men vying for her heart, will she choose the perfect guy for right now, or the man who could give her another shot at love?
The experienced Ms. Craig is certain of one thing: She better bring the confidence to pull off the choice of her desire.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Jenna Craig is a forty-year-old woman recently divorced with three small children and ready to start over. Her life would take a turn for the better when she takes her kids for swimming lessons and can’t take her eyes off the young man teaching them. Travis sees Jenna, she is beautiful, has a great body and overflowing with confidence and he is interested.

Jenna wastes no time seducing Travis, and they begin a sexual affair. Jenna happily enters into a full-on relationship with Travis, a relationship which consists of mind-blowing sex, and she feels no shame about it, her thoughts are if you have it flaunt it, and Travis just keeps encouraging her, she is everything he wants, and her new beginning has started with a bang.

When Jenna sees Travis’s friend Collin her attention focuses on him and when he reveals his interest in her she knows it is time to end it with Travis. When she tells Travis it is over she offers him break-up sex which of course, he readily accepts. Break-up sex is a new one for me, but Jenna is willing to satisfy her sexual need while giving Travis one more happy ending.

Collin and Jenna’s relationship is all encompassing, the sex is off the charts, and he wants more. He meets her children; he wants to spend time with her in and out of the bedroom and he doesn’t hesitate in showing her how much he cares. Jenna accepts her relationship with Collin, and she puts the age difference on the back burner.

When an unexpected event puts her and Collin’s relationship in an awkward situation it will take all her confidence to make a decision that could change her life forever and it would bring Collin’s feelings about their age difference to decide what his decision will be.

I have always believed that age is just a number and has no real bearing on whether love can overcome it. Forty, three children and a boyfriend who is 26, a situation that is wrought with many obstacles but with the right two people easily overcome. It is not unheard of for an older woman falling for a younger man and in many cases, it leads to a HEA.

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