Review: Learning to Love – Jennifer Wilck

Learning to Love Book Cover Learning to Love
Serendipity Book 3
Jennifer Wilck
Contemporary Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 28, 2018

Dina Jacobs is a single librarian who has never fit in due to her off-the-charts intelligence, frizzy hair and rounder-than-socially-acceptable figure. She left her past behind until she receives an invitation to her ten-year high school reunion, and all her insecurities return.

Adam Mandel is a single corporate attorney who just missed his third deadline at his father's law firm, the law firm where he is up for junior partner. With his reputation on the line, Adam needs all the help he can get to convince his father that he deserves the promotion.

When Dina and Adam run into each other on a deserted road, Dina thinks Mr. Flashypants can't possibly be interested in someone like her. Adam thinks Dina is just the person to help him improve his reputation. Lies and insecurities force them to take a look at themselves. Can they trust each other to look beyond the surface?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Dina Jacobs is a single Librarian whose life will change with the simple act of a flat tire. Stuck trying to change her tire a very handsome man stops to offer to help, help she rudely refuses. After realizing that her actions were not very nice she offers to buy the man dinner as a thank you and that is when she first gets to know Adam Mandel.

Adam is a corporate lawyer working for his father’s firm a father more concerned with his company’s reputation than his son. When several cases are lost because paper work was not delivered and when the paralegal claims he never gave them to her Adam’s reputation is hitting a new low, especially when his accusations against the paralegal come back to bite him in the ass. Accusing her put all the other paralegal’s against him and in spite of his father owning the firm his future is looking bleak.

Dina is the total opposite of the woman Adam would be interested in, she has fizzy hair is not tall and skinny but she is fun and smart. The more Adam sees her the more he realizes that he enjoys her company even as he tells himself she is not his type. An accidental meeting between Dina, Adam and his father make their relationship into a business arrangement. Adam’s father thinks that Dina is the right man for his son, a woman who would stop his partying ways and so Adam and Dina agree to pretend that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, something that Adam begins to want to be true.

The relationship between Dina and Adam is wonderful to watch and the mystery of the missing legal documents is something I couldn’t wait to discover and which I won’t share.

I really felt a kinship to Dina, my maiden name is Jacobs, I was not popular in school, I love to read and my feelings about running match hers, she hates to run and if she were being chased she would just give up, my sentiments exactly. Wonderful story with wonderful characters and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Although this is book three in the series each book is a stand-alone.



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