REVIEW: Life Remains- Nirangin

Life Remains Book Cover Life Remains
Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy
Geetha Krishnan
(September 16, 2021)


To choose what is right would bring him in conflict with the vampire he loves, but can he avert his eyes yet again when a child needs his help?


In a world where Vampires make the rules, the hunters are bound by the terms of an ancient agreement and the witches are hunted.


Ken is a vampire hunter having an affair with the vampire, Frederick. Navigating a relationship with a vampire while trying to help those he terrorises is not easy. If Frederick finds out what he's doing, their relationship isn't the only thing in jeopardy.


When a situation arises when Frederick's ward, Mabel, needs his help, Ken knows his actions will pit him against Frederick. With his very life at stake, will he choose to do the right thing or follow the path of least resistance yet again?


Life Remains is a queer, paranormal, dystopian fantasy novel with morally grey characters, found family and themes of redemption and making the right choice. If you love dystopian worlds with vampires, hunters, and witches, you will love this book.


Buy Life Remains today to step into a world of danger and heart-break.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

At the age of six Mabel watched as a group of vampires killed her parents right in front of her and scared, she was taken by one of the vampires, Frederick to become her guardian. Now she is fourteen, still scared of Frederick and still hates him, fortunately he put her into a school where she spends her time with friends.

When she unexpectedly comes home, she refuses to admit why. It would take Ken, a human hunter and Frederick’s lover to get her to reveal a boy at school attempted to rape her but it was because she is a witch that she got away while other girls were not as lucky. Ken promised to take care of the situation and keep everything from Frederick, a betrayal that could cost him his life.

Regardless of the risk Ken does see to it that the boy would never attack another girl, only the vampire who did the deed revealed all to Frederick. Frederick could easily have killed him but instead made him leave breaking off any further contact between them. Vampires are now in charge; hunters can only kill a vampire in self-defense and the biggest risk to vampires are witches.

Ken also finds himself involved with the man who practically raised him, Gordon who is now the guardian of two boys, eleven-year-old Luke and fifteen-year-old Clint. Driving they are stopped by Frederick claiming the two boys giving him the power of life and death where they are concerned.

Frederick brings others from the past, other witches, and hunters and some he has a huge connection with. Ken is familiar with everyone and tries to ensure they are protected. Unfortunately, the one who needed protection was Ken. A vampire nearly killed him, and his savior was a woman from his past who wants something from him.

When Gordon dies, the boys are afraid for their future especially since Frederick owns them. Now Mabel, Luke and Clint are all waiting for the hammer to drop, where will they live and will they have any normalcy in their lives.

This book is a new take on vampires, they can eat food, walk in sunlight and have enormous power. There are secrets, surprises, lies and betrayal. The truth about Luke and Clint was a shock, one of many.

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