Marked Yours Book Cover Marked Yours
Sentries, Book 1
Elizabeth Noble
LGBT, Gay, Paranormal Romance
JMS Books LLC; 3 edition
October 12, 2019

When one society fell, assaulted by natural disaster, in its place rose another, molded into something entirely different. Protectorates were divided by beliefs and distance. Slavery was accepted and threats both natural and supernatural were commonplace.

This became a world where sentries were needed. Trained almost from infanthood, these tough men and women lived in a society within a society. They were warriors and protectors, ferreting out evil and defending the citizens of New Colorado Protectorate from inhuman terrors and, on occasion, human ones.

Todd Ruger was born into life as a sentry. Raised by a hard father into a hard life, Todd becomes the consummate sentry, tough, dangerous, and good at what he does. When he wasn't quite into his teen years, he was bonded to a special young slave named Nick. For years their only interaction was through letters. Friendship turned to a sort of courtship between them. Todd lived for the day Nick became of age and Todd's ownership would take effect. That was the day Nick would leave the village with Todd. They'd begin a life together. They'd make a difference.

Raised as a slave, Nick never wanted to be special, but nature had other ideas for him. He grew up in a village with other slave children and was taught to be useful to his future master because he a gift ... or curse. The tutors responsible for his upbringing didn't understand what Nick could do, what he was; they were afraid of him. If sentries hadn't bought him, it was likely he'd never have lived to see the age of five. All that changes the day Nick leaves the village with Todd. He's cared for and shown a new, better life with a man who loves him honestly and wholly.

But after being together barely a day, Nick is brutally attacked and injured. Though he recovers without incident, Todd's heart fills with revenge. The guardian in him turns into a dangerous, driven assassin, a wolf on the hunt.

Todd's obsession with tracking down the men who hurt Nick and making them pay could very well get them both killed. Can they survive and build the life together they've both dreamed of for years?

NOTE: This is the third edition of Marked Yours. The first and second editions were released by another publishing house. This story has been revised and re-edited with the end result being a better, stronger story.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When everything is lost due to natural disasters or man’s misuse of nature new societies are born but not always better. A society where slavery is once again a reality and where Sentries are trained and dedicated to defend against supernatural creatures and humans is one of those new societies. These slaves are trained from childhood to adulthood to be an asset to their new master or mistress, one of those slaves is the center of this story.

Nick was trained in a serfdom called Eldrid and his training involved the use of all manner of weapons. From the age of three Nick was bound to Todd Ruger but Todd was different from the other slave owners he cared about Nick sent letters and gifts and watched over him till it was time for him to pick him up. If it wasn’t for Todd, Nick would have been killed since he had the ability to see evil in people and could sometimes know what a person was going to do before they did it. His gifts or curse as he believed it to be frightened people but that same gift was necessary for him to assist his master.

Todd owned Nick and according to the law Nick was nothing more than property but not in Todd’s eyes. Todd wanted Nick to be his mate but was not willing to force anything on him. It was while travelling back to Todd’s home that something terrible happened to Nick, something Todd could not prevent since he was tied up and helpless. What happened to Nick was something that Todd would never forget or forgive and his desire to destroy those who hurt Nick would not end well for both men.

In public Nick must wear a collar and a leash, but the collar was not what other slaves wore it was custom made for him and Todd saved for a long time to get it. It would take time for Todd to prove to Nick that he would never hurt him or allow anyone else to if he could help it. At home Nick was free to be anything he wanted, no collar and a room of his own and realizing his dream of Nick being his mate would take time and patience something Todd was willing to do.

This was a beautiful love story that at times left me down, down because of the realization that man once again proved his cruelty but then watching the relationship between Nick and Todd grow I felt up. Something about this book just held me from the first page to the last and I highly recommend it.

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