REVIEW : Mastermind – The Long Con Bk #1 – Amy Lane

Mastermind Book Cover Mastermind
The Long Con Book #1
Amy Lane
M/M Action Adventure Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 6th, 2021

Once upon a time in Rome, Felix Salinger got caught picking his first pocket and Danny Mitchell saved his bacon. The two of them were inseparable… until they weren’t.

Twenty years after that first meeting, Danny returns to Chicago, the city he shared with Felix and their perfect, secret family, to save him again. Felix’s news network—the business that broke them apart—is under fire from an unscrupulous employee pointing the finger at Felix. An official investigation could topple their house of cards. The only way to prove Felix is innocent is to pull off their biggest con yet.

But though Felix still has the gift of grift, his reunion with Danny is bittersweet. Their ten-year separation left holes in their hearts that no amount of stolen property can fill. A green crew of young thieves looks to them for guidance as they negotiate old jewels and new threats to pull off the perfect heist—but the hardest job is proving that love is the only thing of value they’ve ever had.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Gu


This book is Amy Lane in “Her Element”! As a loyal fan for over 13 years, reading Ms. Lanes books are so special. She has always been able to establish “love, home and hearth” with a group of misfits…..Just glance over her long list of Series’ starting with Greens Hill, Making Promise Rock, Johnnies, and I could go on and on. I am so excited to start this series with her, because I know how she will eek out wonderful stories and although this group might test the legal lines they will become ‘super heroes’…

This book establishes what 10 years of separation means to four people Danny and Felix at the beginning as flash backs, as the author establishes the background and the reason Danny returns to Chicago. The loss of this relationship has paid a toll on both men and this book continues who they are and the loss they share.

As you watch, getting this sorta Scooby Gang together of Josh’s ‘friends’ and friend of friends to save Felix and take down the enemy is amazing isn’t it?.

Mark my words, we have seen glimpses of Grace and don’t you want to know him more? Was there any other who caught your eye? Someone might even be interested in Josh……There are so many stories to tell and I’m excited to be on this ride….

Thank you Amy Lane…..I had Covid as I read this book in May and am writing this review a bit late…..But I have just purchased Muscle The Con Book #2…..Am ready for the ride!



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