REVIEW: Midnight’s Fate – Isobelle Cate

Midnight's Fate Book Cover Midnight's Fate
The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series Book 4
Isobelle Cate
Gothic Fantasy Erotica
Independently Published
February 6, 2016

A dark, supernatural warrior and a gorgeous, brilliant doctor, thrown into each other’s lives in the middle of the rainforest . A steamy romance and a battle between good and evil.
Zac McBain is on a mission to find the source of the Specus Argentum—a stockpile of mystic silver that just so happens to be the only element that can destroy the Cruors, a supernatural race that’s been battling each other for centuries.

Zac is one of the Cynn Cruors, hybrids of werewolves, vampires, and men created to protect humans from the evil Scatha Cruors—paranormal torturers and murderers. Only problem is, the Scatha Cruors and their leader, the evil Dac Valerian, are searching for the silver as well.

Meanwhile in La Nahuaterique, a village hidden deep in the rainforests of Honduras, Faith Hannah is on a mission of her own. A brilliant doctor in the field, she has a medical mission prompted by her wish to escape the problems that assail her in London. She never expected to be kidnapped and discover a whole supernatural world around her own—and she certainly didn't expect to feel such a sudden, intense need and longing for one of them...

The moment Zac sees Faith in the forest, his desire overwhelms him. But this attraction is more than just lust. In the middle of a hard-fought battle for the Specus Argentum, the passion fate has decreed between Zac and Faith begins to consume them in a steamy, erotic romance sure to make any reader weak in the knees.

But the impending war between the Cynn Cruor and Scatha Cruor comes to a head. Secrets are unearthed, loyalties are doubted... Can true love triumph over evil?

***CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


The wait is over. I finally got to read my second book in this series and the wait was well worth it. Zachary (Zac) McBain is a Cynn Cruor left on a dock as a baby, abandoned by the people who should love him and then reunited with his long lost mother as she lay dying. Her final words to him were he is not human and that no one would ever love him, obvious by the fact that even his own mother didn’t love him.


The war between the Scatha Cruor led by Dac Valerian is coming to a head each in search of the Specus-Argentum silver, silver that is deadly to the Cynn Cruor. The race is on as to who will find it first and with Zac and other Cynn Cruor warriors is the Ancients since it is imperative that the silver be found and that Zac can come up with an antidote. If the silver falls into the Scatha’s hands they would become invincible and the human race wouldn’t survive.


Faith Hannah has arranged for a medical mission in Honduras using the money she inherited from her grandmother, money that was more than she could ever have expected.She has a gift which to her is a curse, a gift where she can syphon pain and injury into herself using the fire she has within her and curing the person. While joining the mission she is kidnapped and finds herself having to heal men that were injured while hoping that she doesn’t find herself being gang raped or killed.


She meets Xavier whose younger brother is one of the wounded and he becomes an important part of her life. Xavier is just one of many brought into a life of crime and murder, who wanted a better life but that life was denied them. When the Scatha attack Faith becomes immediately aware of a man out there, a man she seems to feel a connection to and that man is Zac who like Faith feels a connection to her.


When Zac and Faith finally meet there is instant chemistry and he knows immediately that she is his mate, a mate he feels he has no right to, a mate he can only bring trouble to so he tries to walk away. Of course any of us who have read about mates know that walking away is just not in the cards.


I did not read books one and two but after reading book three I knew immediately that I wanted to keep reading this series now I anxiously await book five because the Scatha and Cynn Cruor are far from done. The book is full of secrets, surprises, violence, romance, sex and suspense so I can’t imagine anyone who loves paranormal romance wanting to pass up this series.

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