Review: Moon, Mist, & Magic: A Paranormal Romance Anthology – McKenzie, Kelley, Saracino, Bonatch, Owen

Moon, Mist, & Magic: A Paranormal Romance Anthology Book Cover Moon, Mist, & Magic: A Paranormal Romance Anthology
JC McKenzie, LA Kelley, Sharon Saracino, Maureen L. Bonatch, and Abigail Owen
Paranormal Romance
August 4, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

A Ghost of a Chance – Abigail Owen: 5*****Stars

This is a Legendary Consultants story and I highly recommend reading the other books in this series. Josie Barton has been visited by her brother Peter’s ghost, who is in desperate need of her help. Peter is laying at the bottom of a cliff near death and it is imperative that Josie find his body as soon as possible before he is dead. In order to save him she must go to Peter’s best friend Bryce Evans and the man she has always loved but who she walked away from. An incident occurred six years ago during her freshman year of college and from that moment on she has turned away from everyone she loves. Now she needs Bryce’s help and is unsure how she can get it without revealing the secret she has kept from him, she sees ghosts. I don’t want to go into too much but this is a wonderful story.

Dangerous Dreams – J.C. McKenzie: 5*****Stars

This is the prequel to Obsidian Flame and before I start my review I want to state that I can’t wait for the rest of this series. This story gave me a taste of what is to come and I can’t wait for more. Lara Stone is a dragon shifter who has managed to keep that a secret. Her birth parents protected her and her adoptive parents changed her name and introduced her as a mage. Now as a mage she has been summoned to Rafael Dragoi, the leader of the Obsidian Dragon Clan and the whole entire dragon enclave. He needs her to be his bodyguard and she has to do everything in her power to keep him from finding out what she really is. Putting these two together can only lead to trouble.

Myths & Legends 101 – L.A. Kelley: 5*****Stars

Jim Calloway is a new professor at Octavian College in the Anthropology Department. He is giving a lesson in an old building on campus when an elderly man in a Hawaiian shirt appears. The gentleman is Toshi Yamada, and he did not appear on the roster but he was there none the less. It seems that Mr. Yamade senses a succubus in the building and has decided to attend Jim’s classes to destroy the demon. Jim has no idea that Toshi will change his life in more ways than one. First he will introduce him to the idea of a demon that really exists and then his granddaughter will have an influence on him.

The Keeper – Sharon Saracino: 5*****Stars

Olivia Duncan is a doctor and works in the morgue. Her latest body is a leopard shifter who apparently died at the hands of a vampire. His stomach was filled with silver coins. This death has really shaken her up because she has a secret, a secret she once revealed. When she was working in a clinic near Syracuse she was convinced that she was totally alone and that no none would she her shift, but the dead shifter came from Syracuse and there is every reason for her to feel he had seen her when she shifted. Olivia knows that she is the cause of the shifter’s death and then the near death of her assistant another leopard shifter. It is the appearance of Nick Alexios her keeper when she finally faces what is expected of her and it is not something she is willing to embrace.

Witch You Were Here – Maureen L. Bonatch: 5*****Stars

This is a Just My Type series story, a series I will be following now that I have had a taste. Shane Tower has hired Lucy Rhae, a witch, to discover who in his company is using magic and holding a grudge against him. What Shane did not realize is that Lucy is actually a girl from high school called Betty, who has held a grudge against him for ten years. She has blamed him for giving her the nickname “Sweaty Betty”, something he insists was not his doing. When Shane realizes who she is, he wants her to remove a tattoo that he blames her for, she also insists it wasn’t her. Now ten years later they may finally get the truth and can actually admit they both had liked each other.

This was an amazing anthology with authors that I am very familiar with and some that I will now be adding to my ‘to-read’ list. I have read many of J.C. McKenzie’s books and loved them all, as well as Sharon Saracino and Abigail Owen. These stories just whet my appetite for more. I totally recommend this anthology to anyone who loves paranormal romances and who are not familiar with some of these authors. This is the perfect way to be introduced to authors you may not know and will most likely want to learn more about.

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