REVIEW: My Voyager: Rendezvous With Love – Lyn Horner

My Voyager: Rendezvous With Love Book Cover My Voyager: Rendezvous With Love
Legendary Rendezvous Book 1
Lyn Horner
Historical Time Travel Romance
Lynda Jensen
October 12, 2020

Imagine a 17th Century buccaneer’s thunderstruck reaction to “modern” marvels such as streetcars and horseless carriages. Experience his shock when he sees a steamship with no sails that runs as if by magic.

Swept forward in time by divine power to 1895 Galveston, Raphael Marquez is on a quest to retrieve the sacred relic he stole and return it to its rightful place. If he fails, his soul will be doomed to the fires of hell. The death of his wife and daughter at the hands of ruthless pirates has left him bereft and vengeful.

Victorian widow Julia Reynolds and her young daughter, Livvy, accompany Julia’s wealthy father on a trip to Galveston. They stay in the opulent Tremont House, a legendary landmark. Since being lied to and cheated on by her dead husband, Julia distrusts men and is not looking for love. Yet, when a strange looking, injured fellow falls practically at her feet in the hotel lobby, she takes pity on him.

Raphael is enchanted by Livvy, who reminds him of his lost little girl. Her beautiful, kind-hearted mother also wends her way into his tattered heart. Attraction grows on both sides, but Raphael’s deception as he pursues his mission, and Julia’s unexpected connection to it, stand in the way. A rare, historic Valentine’s Day blizzard brings high drama.

Julia may hold the key to Raphael’s redemption, but can she forgive his lies?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Our story begins in Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1685 when Rafael Marquez, a Buccaneer, is forced to steal the Madonna’s Tear mounted in her crown, a ruby worth it’s weight in gold. Forced to steal this jewel goes against everything Rafe stands for but his men are being held captive by the pirate MacKenzie, the very pirate that raped and killed his wife and young daughter. MacKenzie is known as the Scottish Butcher and he lives up to the name because when Rafe returns to his ship it is discovered that there are no sails and nothing left to make any. He and the rest of his crew are left adrift and the only thing in sight is their death.


When Rafe is visited by Madonna herself requesting him to retrieve and return her ruby in one months time or have his soul sent to Hell and that it has to be done with love not vengeance he finds himself facing a very difficult mission. Before he knows it he is swept away with a promise his crew would arrive safely on shore he on the other hand finds himself falling in front of a woman and her young child.


Julia Reynolds is in Galveston, Tx. and it is now 1895 over two hundred years in the future. A widow who was betrayed by her husband, she is weary of ever falling in love or trusting a man but this strange man in strange clothes catches her eye. Julia’s father is wealthy and she has accompanied him on his business trip with Olivia, her six year old daughter. Unable to turn away from this man who is in need of lodging and clothing and feigning amnesia she finds him a room, dresses him with good clothing and makes sure he is fed. Her father seems to also be drawn to Rafe because he hires him to be a bodyguard for his daughter and granddaughter.


Rafe discovers that Julia and her family have a connection to both the ruby and to the pirate MacKenzie and as he falls for her and Livvy, fulfilling his mission for the Madonna, becomes more and more difficult. Rafe is an honorable man who has to find a ruby two hundred years in the future or be damned while trying not to hurt the woman he is falling in love with.


A beautiful story of two people who lost the ones they loved and who never believed finding love again was possible. A man on a mission to save his soul while protecting the two people who have become everything to him. Loved this story and can’t wait for more.

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