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Short Read Never Leave Book Cover Short Read Never Leave
A Short Erotic Friends to Lovers M/M Romance Story
Lov ing
Short reads- Gay Erotica, Erotic Fiction
Aug 16, 2022

"Never Leave, please?"

Jonathan and Seth aren’t orphans, but growing up together they often felt like they could only rely on each other. When circumstances force them to go from best friends to roommates, they easily progress from sharing a bed to sharing their first kiss.

One evening Seth comes home early from his job as a mechanic with the intention of getting in some private me-time before Jonathan finishes self-studying at the town library. He must plan anew though, when he finds a naked Jonathan already on their bed, and the two young men feel drawn to share yet another first with each other…

Never Leave is an account of how Jonathan and Seth grow up together in an ambigious time and place, going from best friends to gay lovers, all wrapped up in a sweet and erotic short romance with emphasis on their shared first time together.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a very short story and although it is considered erotic, I leaned more towards it being a story of two boys who never had the parental love they deserved.

Seth and Jonathan were always together from the time they were young boys. Seth’s mother worked nights and his father was never around. Jonathan’s mother was ill and spent most of her time in bed and his father sent money but never showed up. For all intent and purposes these two boys were nearly orphans and if not for being able to depend on each other they would be alone.

When Seth’s mom met a doctor and was preparing to marry both she and her new husband-to-be made it clear that Seth was not wanted. His mother had him at the age of sixteen and he was always in the way of having the life she wanted, as if it was his fault, she had unprotected sex.

Jonathan’s mom died and he discovered what his father was doing when he was supposedly working to earn money for his family. Two young boys find themselves once again having to fend for themselves, Seth at the age of sixteen went to work at a repair shop and was able to afford a very small apartment. With nowhere to go Jonathan moves in with Seth while he finishes his last year of school.

Yes, the two boys find themselves wanting more than just friendship, put in the position of sharing a bed and living close together, it was very easy to imagine them needing a closeness, a closeness they found in each other’s arms.

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