Review: No Angels for Christmas – Petie McCarty

No Angels for Christmas Book Cover No Angels for Christmas
The Mystery Angel Romances Book 2
Petie McCarty
Paranormal Romance Mystery
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
April 3, 2019

No Angels for Christmas . . . a cozy romantic mystery with suspense from The Mystery Angel Romances series. An angel hidden in every book waiting for you to figure out who . . .

Child psychologist Rachel Kelly isn't quite sure how to handle the situation with her newest client--a six-year-old boy who says he can talk to angels and one is coming to help Rachel. She already has her hands full of trouble this Christmas season, and things quickly take a turn for the worse when a stalker crashes Rachel's Christmas party and takes her young clients hostage.

Police negotiator, Lt. Jake Dillon, walked away from his fiancée Rachel when she suddenly balked at having kids. His kids. Yet when the hostage crisis erupts, Rachel calls Jake first. Now he has a choice to make--stand back and wait for the cavalry to save Rachel or step in and try to save her himself. Time is running out, and Jake may be their only chance for rescue.

Unless Rachel's little angel-spying client is telling the truth...

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Rachel Kelly is a child psychologist whose life couldn’t be happier, newly engaged to the love of her life Lt. Jake Dillon a police negotiator and buying a cottage together with plans for starting a family. It took one phone call from her mother to end everything. Rachel discovered that having children was not something she could do and when she told that to Jake he automatically assumed that she didn’t love him and he walked away.

Two psychologists who listen to other peoples problems and who are totally unable to handle their own. Communication should be no problem for the two of them but unfortunately it is and in spite of loving each other they fail to sit down and discover why Rachel changed her mind about kids.

This story is not just about Rachel and Jake and their inability to communicate it is also the story of three children who Rachel has agreed to treat. Emily is thirteen and since the arrival of her mother’s new boyfriend has shown severe changes in her behavior. Chad a young man who after a fight with another boy is also sent to Rachel. The third child is a six year old named Alex who is as lovable as all get out but he sees angels and his parents believe he is disturbed and so hopefully Rachel is the answer to the problem.

Emily is afraid of her mother’s new boyfriend since he shows her unwanted attention and she finds a way to stay away from him by gardening with Eugene Mickler who befriends her. Chad has a father who blames him and his mother for ruining his dreams and he uses his fists on the two of them, especially Chad. Chad knows that he can’t run away since he needs to stay home to protect his little brother who would certainly become his father’s new punching bag.

Alex sees angels and no one is going to tell him different.

Rachel is dealing with her life without Jake and trying to break down the walls that Chad and Emily have built around themselves. She has no doubt that she is dealing with abuse but she needs Chad and Emily to open up to her. Reading about children suffering from abuse is heartbreaking, children trapped in situations they can’t get out of. Emily loves her mother and sees her happy, Chad loves his mother and little brother and is stuck in a situation he can’t free himself from.

Rachel and Jake want to be together but she refuses to tell him the reason she doesn’t want children and he jumps to the conclusion that if she doesn’t want his children she doesn’t love him. Sometimes I just wished I could knock their heads together, helping others and not themselves. There is a hostage situation and there are angels ready to make everything okay, after all it is Christmas a time for miracles. As with book one I did not guess the angels and I will not reveal the outcome for all the people involved in this story, Chad,Emily, Alex, Rachel and Jake I will say that this was a wonderful story even if at times it was heartbreaking.

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