Nocturne House Book Cover Nocturne House
Legacy of Darkness, Book 3
London Clarke
Horror, Suspense/Thriller, Vampires
Carfax Abbey Publishing
May 5, 2020

After months of searching for his missing wife, ex-priest turned demonologist Hunter Massabrook gets a call that Laura has turned up in a New Orleans hospital. But the woman barely looks like his wife, and she’s going by a different name. Worse, she’s obsessed with another man and memories of a life she’s lived in a place called Nocturne House.

As Laura relays the story of her disappearance and the people responsible, she also reveals her connection to a dangerous cult, a group of modern-day vampires that controls and manipulates through psychological strongholds, supernatural entities, and all-too-human wicked intentions.

Hunter soon realizes that Laura is still in danger, and she remains bound to the house through her heart, mind, and blood.

In the final suspenseful installment of the Legacy of Darkness series, supernatural and human evil collide in a tale about the power and danger of living outside society’s expectations and the relationships that can ruin or redeem us.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in the series and all questions are finally answered. What happened with Avery and Pearse after Whickering Place is concluded and now we have the story of Laura Massabrook.

Hunter Massabrook gave up the priesthood to marry the woman he loved only during their years together Laura spent more time in and out of institutions, heavily medicated than she did with him. Ivy Cove is the new institution she is in, an institution that does not believe in medicine of any kind, not even an aspirin. Finally, free of drugs Laura is a prime candidate for brainwashing and reaching out to anyone she feels can make her normal and unfortunately that is SOAL an offshoot of The Colony. If you have read this series, then you are very well aware of what the Colony is and what they do, and it is nothing good.

When Laura meets Alex Ruthven, she is smitten, and he convinces her to move with him to New Orleans leaving her old life behind, a new future and a dead past. She leaves everything and everyone behind including Hunter and is missing for five months until an automobile accident brings her to everyone’s attention. Now she claims she is married to Alex and she does not want to return to her old life. Everyone believed that The Colony was gone but there is always someone ready to pick up the anchor and begin again and that is SOAL.

SOAL is a cult based on drinking blood, believed to be a way to have eternal life. Hunter is unlike any husband I could imagine willing to stand by his wife in spite of everything, never cheating on her and always trying to be there whenever she needs him. My heart broke over what he was put through as well as the suffering of those who are a part of SOAL.

Evil spirits, evil men and women and the poor innocent men and women who fall into their trap. Unfortunately, I won’t go into too much detail about life behind the cult walls some of which were too evil to talk about. Cults exist today, and I am sure you are well aware of the things that some cults have been responsible for and although I know of no cult that mimics being a vampire I wouldn’t totally deny the possibility that it exists.

Each book in this series was filled with evil and heart pounding moments but I can’t recommend it highly enough. Although this series is not based on reality it still holds some truths because evil exists. So many lost people just looking to belong and be normal fall into the hands of those willing to use them for their own purpose. Laura was diagnosed as bipolar and reading her story I got a very good sense of what living with it is like.

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