REVIEW : Novella – Cruise – Miski Harris

Cruise Book Cover Cruise
Miski Harris
Gay Romance, Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance
Heaven's Sent Publishing
Dec 18, 2021

How do you maintain love in the light after a lifetime in the dark?
40-year-old widow Armando Cruz had spent his entire life in the closet. He’d married his best friend and confidante Marta right out of high school. Every year, Marta sends him on a gay men’s luxury cruise. Ten days living vicariously through men who enjoy what he will never have – the freedom to be who he really is.
Marta has passed away and he’s taking the cruise to fulfill a promise made before her death…what made Marta think this time will be different?
At 31 years of age, Lyndon Douglas has concluded his poor past choices have damned him to be single forever. His mother’s concern that Lyndon’s locked himself in an emotional prison with no escape prompted her to surprise him with an all-expenses paid gay cruise…will the change of scene free him from the shadows?
When Armando and Lyndon meet the attraction is powerful and forms a strong bond between the two men. Is ten days enough time for their bond of light to curse the darkness at home?
If you always do what you’ve always done;
all you get’s what you’ve always got;
or not…

Review By D.B. Wilson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Cruise is different from any MM romance book I’ve read before. It’s written with strong relationships that include family, friends, as well as the love interests.

Although this book is a romance with a happily ever after, I personally would categorize it more as a LGBTQ fiction as there is as much if not more emphasis on relationships as the characters falling in love and the novella doesn’t include any explicit sex scenes.

I fell for the characters fairly quickly. One MC was more difficult to get to know than the other, but I adored his family. I think they sort of saved him if I’m honest.

The other MC faces real homophobic issues from his parents and his late wife’s parents as well. I did love how I felt as if I were with him as he and his son face off against the homophobia being thrown at him. Just a small spoiler, because of their strength, they were able to over come and help their family find their way past their bigotry. HUGE WIN and such a pleasant read, especially for those of us who have lived through similar experiences in real life.

Ultimately, what I loved the most about Miski’s book was how I felt like I was actively experiencing the events. My favorite, and no I won’t give any more spoilers, was when the queen stormed the castle and made everything all right. You’ll have to read the book to know which queen I’m referring to.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes a feel good story and anyone who might enjoy participating in the takedown of a rather nasty antagonist!

A Sweet Romance with no explicit scenes.

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