REVIEW : Novella- Her Christmas Cowboy Billionaire-Montana Billionaires Book #4- Cynthia Woolf

Her Christmas Cowboy Billionaire- Book Cover Her Christmas Cowboy Billionaire-
Montana Billionaires Book #4
Cynthia Woolf
Novella, Western Romance, Mystery, Suspense Thriller
Firehouse Publishing
Feb 1, 2023

She is hiding for her safety from her old boss. Now in Witness Protection, she’s sent as a cook to a Montana ranch owned by a former CIA agent.

The man, is more than she expected. He’s handsome, bold and fiercely protective. All the things she wants in a man and yet he’s not hers to love. Tragedy has marked him and will mark her in return.

When the evil she’s hiding from finds her , will a Christmas miracle help them find common ground and discover that love is the greatest miracle of all?

This is a Christmas novella of 26,000 words.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kim Donohue was the accountant for drug kingpin Vincent “Vinnie” Rizzo and it was her job to keep two books, one for his legal enterprises and the other for his drug business. Kim was between a rock and a hard place, turn Rizzo in and lose the money that enabled her to put her mom into a good nursing home or keep quiet, she chose her mom.

When her best friend died from a drug overdose, she was certain Rizzo was responsible for she decided to do the right thing and went to the FBI. Her friend tried drugs for the first time at a party only the drug was spiked with fentanyl killing her. She turned over all the books and any other evidence the FBI would requireto put Vinnie away for good.

It was decided that she would go into Witness Protection for the three months before she would have to wait to appear before the Grand Jury. Her handler, U.S. Marshal Paul Morel decided not to put her into a hotel under guard for the three months since she would be spending it there during Christmas, so he sent her to Montana. She had to give over all her ID, her phone, and her name which is now Kaylie Smith.

She would be living on a Montana Ranch owned by billionaire, Ryan Evers working as the cook and housekeeper. Since she loved cooking, it was not going to be difficult for her, the difficult part would be dealing with a billionaire. The attraction between the two was instant but she would not allow it to go any further than that since her future was unsure. No doubt Vinnie had already put a contract out on her and with his money it wouldn’t be hard to buy the information he needed.

Kaylie loved her job, the cowboys on the ranch loved her cooking and the biggest hit was her love of baking something they missed. The more Kaylie tried to keep from falling for Ryan the more she failed, when her time with the Grand Jury was over what would happen. Vinnie of course had no problem raising five million dollars for bail and when she and Ryan were shot at, he apparently got the information he needed.

Like all of Cynthia Woolf’s books this ended in a HEA but not without danger, betrayals and surprises. This series is a must read and a departure from her usual Historical Cowboy romances.

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