REVIEW: Novella- Starship Seduction- Deanna Burnhouse

Starship Seduction Book Cover Starship Seduction
Deanna Burnhouse
Erotic, Sci Fi, Fantacy, Romance
March 2, 2024


Arthur Davenport wasn’t supposed to be the hero. The introvert and sidekick was content to watch the hero win the girl from the sidelines, that was until he entered the enigmatic strip club known as Starship Seduction. One visit launches Arthur into a dark, sexual, alien mystery where his wildest fantasies threaten to consume him.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Arthur Davenport is a man who stays in the shadows, he is quiet, not very well built and not the kind of man women would throw themselves at and the opposite of his boss Christian Gallant.

Christian is handsome, wealthy and takes what he wants. Christian has been told about a new strip club one that is by invitation only and can only be reached with specific instructions. The club is not the ordinary strip club it is filled with fantasy creatures and Christian is in his element.

Arthur is taken by a beautiful stripper that draws Christian’s attention. She is seductive and has Christian right where she wants him begging for more. Unfortunately, what he gets is a beautiful stripper who turns into a monster and devours him leaving nothing behind except for poor innocent Arthur. Arthur is sure he will be Cyra’s next meal, but she takes him to safety and promises not to hurt him.

When Arthur goes to the police, he discovers that this strip club is known and is called a folk legend. Many visit the strip club but few return and it disappears and is impossible to locate so Christian becomes just one more man in a long list.

Cyra started as a waitress being constantly used by men. She always hopes for a prince charming, but it is something that never happens until a man named Venek comes into the diner and promises her she will never be hurt again if she accepts his proposition, which she does. Now instead of being a pawn for men she becomes a maneater, literally.

Cyra continues to follow Arthur and protect him waiting for his turn to become something more. The story follows Arthur and Cyra. There are secrets, surprises and sex and the sex is “out of this world”.

This was a very interesting book a mix of sci-fi and erotic sex. It was a fast and interesting read.

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