REVIEW : Novella -The Lusty Journey of Perseus – Arthur Griffin

Novella The Lusty Journey of Perseus Book Cover Novella The Lusty Journey of Perseus
Arthur Griffin
Gay Romance, Mythological Fantasy, LGBTQ Fiction
Sept 17, 2022

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Perseus and his mother live on the Island of Seriphos after surviving being thrown into the sea by his grandfather and left to drown in a chest. They were taken in by Dictys and his wife and made part of the family and were the only grandparents Perseus knew. He fished and swam and enjoyed life and like everyone else on the island he wore no clothes. In his naked state and laying on the beach he met a young man named Bellerophon the prince of Corinth. Before long Perseus convinced Bellerophon to take off his clothes and they swam together enjoying the day until Bellerophon’s tutor interrupted. They were at least able to kiss each other, and it was a kiss that would be remembered by both.

Perseus was seventeen when he met Bellerophon and now two years later he still thinks about him. He has never had sex other than by hand until a nymph named Neropeos found him on the beach and gave him what he always dreamed about and although it wasn’t Bellerophon he had no complaints. While they were together, he heard his mother scream and ran to find one of the king’s men dragging her. The king has decided that his mom would be his bride, but he made the mistake of punching the king’s man and that was a punishable crime.

To save his mom and his life he is given a task, to bring the king the head of Medusa. An impossible mission for a young man who has never left the island and is totally unfamiliar with the outside world. It is Hermes who comes to his aid, giving him sandals with wings and information on how to find her. Along the way he finds himself encountering one danger after another until fate gives him the greatest gift of all, Bellerophon. Bellerophon is also on a quest to kill the Chimera and once the two are reunited their feelings for each other just grow.

Two men sent on deadly quests find each other and together must survive. There are surprises, secrets and lots and lots of explicit sex, every meeting becomes a sexual encounter and there are many such meetings. Overall, it was a fun read and I read it in one sitting. If M/M sex, Gods and Goddesses are your thing than this book is perfect for you.


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