Review : Outed – Off the Field Duet Book #2- Kimberley Knight & Rachel Lyn Adams

Outed Book Cover Outed
Off the Field Duet Book #2
Kimberley Knight & Rachel Lyn Adams
Sports Romance, Coming Out, Gay Romance, LGBTQ Romance
Kimberly Knight
July 19, 2022

Outed is a coming-out MM sports romance and book 2 in the Off the Field duet. It is not a standalone novel.

Aron Parker and Drew Rockland never expected to fall for each other when they were traded to the same team. While playing the biggest games of their lives, an accidental slip of the tongue in front of a teammate threatens to expose them before they’re ready.

Wanting to prove to the sports world that who you love doesn’t change who you are on the field, the guys decide to come out after the season ends.

As Aron and Drew get closer to their dream of winning it all, Drew’s ex drops another bomb that neither of them expects, and just as the guys think they have a handle on everything, an agreement is made that could change it all and threatens to tear them apart.

For good.

Off the field, they are just Aron and Drew …
But maybe not everyone approves.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair For The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Outed is the second in this series, and that’s the occurrence Aaron and Drew faced in this story. When finding out they were both seeming to care for each other, they worried how would society see it and them? How would their team mates see it, and opposing teams??? Deciding to wait till the end of the season seemed like a better idea which would have been a great plan….until Drew’s ex Jasmine walked in on them and snapped a picture. Thinking she deleted it as promised it was posted all over the news.

The authors handled this part of the story beautifully….Mostly all the team mates were okay, of course there were the haters but as they discovered by telling their parents, Aarons famous Dad and and Drew’s sweet Mom showing them both unconditional love was the best

The trials they went through in the last year were truly monumental and the growth they showed was exciting to read. Their parents were a trip a well…..This truly was an above average story and I am so glad there is another story of two more players lives we get to see in a third book.

Will check it out…..see you then.

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