Review: Over and Back – Andrew Grey

Over and Back Book Cover Over and Back
Bronco's Boys Book 5
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 9, 2019

Sequel to Round and Round
Bronco's Boys: Book Five

Opposites attract on an overseas holiday, but trouble has hitched a ride.

While Bronco’s nightclub is closed for renovations, the owners invite the staff on a trip to Italy. Bartender Hank needs a roommate, and he’s had his eye on waiter Grant for a while, even if he’s had to keep his distance. But sharing such close proximity means sparks are sure to fly….

Grant has a problem saying no, and it’s led him into some less-than-healthy relationships. While he’s determined not to repeat his mistakes, it’s clear Hank is different.

They’re both willing to take it slow and explore the feelings building between them, but even in a foreign country, their pasts are catching up, and that could hurt more than just their budding romance.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to start this review by saying how happy I am to once again be reunited with the boys from Bronco’s, Zach and his friends who don’t hesitate in calling themselves the Twink Boys, Bull, Zach’s husband and now we have two new characters to learn about, Hank and Grant.

Hank is the bartender at Broncos and Grant is a waiter and both of them have pasts they are trying to put behind them. Grant has had an attraction to Hank but unfortunately Hank pays no attention to him and only talks to him when it is related to work. What Grant doesn’t know is that Hank is very aware of him. Grant is getting over a relationship that took away all his confidence, a relationship I don’t want to go into in this review. Hank has also just come out of a bad relationship but a lot of it had to do with something from Hank’s past and again I won’t go into it.

Bull and his partner Harry are closing the bar for a month for renovations but will be paying their staff during the time the bar is closed and everyone has planned a vacation to Italy, a vacation that Grant finds himself invited to join since Hank’s boyfriend is no longer going. The only problem Grant has is that he will be rooming with Hank and a month of being in the same room as a man he has feelings for and a man he believes hates him won’t be easy.

Everything on the trip has been carefully planned by Zach who as always is in super mode and has everything from restaurants, hotels and tours taken care of. Unfortunately Bull’s past comes calling and it is in the form of a man who wants something from him and for some reason wants Grant, well I know why he wants Grant but you will have to find out for yourself.

The trip is full of beautiful sites and the constant appearance of Bull’s enemy, and he is his enemy. He is the one thing putting a damper on a great vacation.

I don’t have to tell you that Grant and Hank find themselves falling for each other because
Andrew Grey is known for bringing men together just as he did with all the other characters in Bronco’s Boys. This book is full of suspense, surprises and romance and Bull and Zach play a huge part in the story and if you loved them before you will absolutely love them more.

Thank you Mr. Grey for reuniting all the Boys so I could find out how they are doing because this series and the characters in it always held a special place in my heart.

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