Review: Phoenyx Falling – Daisy St. James

Phoenyx Falling Book Cover Phoenyx Falling
Phoenyx Book 2
Daisy St. James
Paranormal Romance
January 15, 2019

Jane Grimshaw, a.k.a. The Phoenyx, has made a name for herself in Crystal Haven that strikes fear and respect whenever it’s whispered. Raised as a cut-throat assassin by her Uncle Hutton, she is not a wielder of weapons— she IS the weapon. When dormant powers surface after a steamy hook up with gorgeous and angst-ridden vampire, Judas, Jane finds herself embroiled in a world filled with witchcraft, danger and lust.

You can abandon family—but you can’t escape blood.

Family bloodlines are pulsing through her veins, thrumming with powerful magic and sensuality. When Jane discovers that her biological father is a high-ranking hybrid, she can’t imagine things getting any worse. However, dark creatures are gunning for her at every turn—hunting her down at the behest of Lilith, a sister she never knew and Spider, a vicious vampire and leader of a local MC. Behind the scenes, she is guarded over by another undead, a mysterious vampire hell bent on finding his way into her heart even if it means giving up on everything he’s ever known. With great power comes great promise, higher risks, and the threat of betrayal.

Standing at the precipice of a new life, one thing becomes abundantly clear…

To rise—you must first be willing to fall.

***Contains mature subject matter, sexual content, 18+ readers only.***

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to begin this review by saying that this series must be read in order. Each book ends with questions and the next book answers many of them and although the book ends in a cliffhanger, something I definitely hate. However, my love of this series overcomes my hate for cliffhangers, and I look forward to more of them with this series.

If you haven’t read the first book Phoenyx in Flames, I highly recommend doing so. If you have read the first book, I will try very hard not to give anything away that would ruin this book for you. Judas still has no idea who he is, but that situation is soon rectified, and it came as quite a surprise. Phoenyx (Jane) is dealing with the reality that she is a succubus and has flaming wings and that her true nature is coming out. Her biggest fear is that now she is a demon and she questions whether her evil side will win over her good side. She discovers her father’s true nature and her lineage, and that was another surprise.

A lot happens between Judas and Phoenyx, I will reveal none of it. Phoenyx still has to deal with the demon who wants her dead. She suspects it is her father. Lazarus, but is it? She also needs to come to terms with her feelings for Judas and the fact that her lineage leaves a lot to be desired—and that’s putting it mildly.

With the help of Cortez, the sand demon who is now a friend, and her Uncle Hutton she has to deal with all the changes taking place in her life. When Ash, Spider’s second in command and a vampire whose greatest desire is to see Phoenyx dead comes to her rescue pledging his loyalty to her she accepts his help with a grain of salt. Now Phoenyx has to accept the fact that the prophecy about a child born of good and evil who could either save the world or destroy it could be her.

I loved this book and my only complaint is that I have to wait for the next one. There is a statement in this book that rings so true: “A turned vampire still maintains who he or she was before the turning.” I always argued with people who claim that people get old and nasty, I firmly believe that you don’t turn nasty— you always were.

Ms. St. James this message is for you! Please be at your computer writing book three because I am sure I am not the only one anxious for it to come out.

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