Review: Reign Of Fire – Casi McLean

Reign Of Fire Book Cover Reign Of Fire
Deep State Mysteries Book 1
Casi McLean
Political Mystery with a touch of paranormal
Casi McLean, Inc
January 31, 2019

USA Today Bestselling Author, Casi McLean, presents a military political thriller with supernatural elements in Reign Of Fire.

To expose a faction threatening America’s democracy, Emily Rose joins forces with a team investigating her sister’s murder, but she never expects to fall in love––or to encounter her twin’s ghost.

Ashton Frasier accepts his detective career choice means a life of bachelorhood––until Emily Rose blows into his world. The spitting image of his latest victim holds a mysterious allure he can’t deny. Surrounded by danger with the country’s democracy at stake, Emily and Ash uncover a dangerous faction threatening to take the White House. Can a ghost spark love to expose the truth?


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Alyssa Rose is an intern for a Congressman and although her job only involves her delivering mail to politicians she sees this job as a step up to her future career in politics. On her way to deliver some letters and get coffee she is bumped into by a man leaving her mail wet and dirty. Alyssa decides to just switch the envelopes only she discovers a list which she is sure did not come from her mail and realizes what it represents and the danger she is in. She manages to mail it to her sister Emily for safe keeping.

Alyssa was not wrong about the danger she was in when her body is found in the river and it becomes Detective Ashton Frasier’s job to find the killer. This murder would change lives including Ash’s. Alyssa’s family is notified of her death including her twin sister Emily and her brother Wyatt. Emily has always had a psychic sense and knew her sister was in trouble but the reality hit her like a ton of bricks.

Emily meets Ash and there is an instant connection between them but first and foremost Emily wants to find her sister’s killer. As an investigative journalist Emily firmly believes that Alyssa’s death had something to do with a Shadow Government, a government who believes in world order not democracy and the best way to get what they want is by turning young minds much as terrorists do today.

Ash comes up with a plan to use Emily as bait having her pose as her sister and making the killer realize his mistake in leaving her alive. This plan with help from Wyatt and Harper Drake the Director of NCIS who Wyatt knew from their time in Afghanistan is set into motion but the repercussions would be beyond their imagination. The list is the key to who is involved in the Association but it has to be found and it has to be decoded. In the meantime without the list the names that are coming to the forefront leave Emily, Ash, Wyatt and Parker with noone to trust.

I have to admit that my least favorite genre is anything that has to do with politics since it is a topic constantly thrown into my face every time I turn on the news but in spite of saying that I have to say that this book kept me glued to it from page one. I loved the mystery surrounding the death of Alyssa and the budding romance between Ash and Emily. There is much more to this story and I for one can’t wait for more.

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