Review: Return to Ruby’s Ranch – Rhonda Frankhouser

Return to Ruby's Ranch Book Cover Return to Ruby's Ranch
Ruby's Ranch Series Book 1
Rhonda Frankhouser
Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
November 16, 2016

Ruby Lattrell inherited Ruby's Ranch after the death of her grandmother. Before she can begin to live her own life, she has to answer the questions that have haunted her for the two decades since her father dragged her away from the only true home she had ever known. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane?

When Ruby returns to the ranch, her chance at true happiness comes in the form of a handsome cowboy named Billy McCallister—who has loved her since they were kids. Will the truth about her mother come between them? In the end, Ruby finds all of her answers with the shocking death of someone dear, and a surreal family reunion that will give the reader unrelenting hope for happy endings.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

After twenty years away Ruby Lattrell has finally returned to Ruby’s Ranch, the ranch named for her grandmother Ruby Adams and the ranch her mother disappeared from. After her mother’s disappearance Ruby’s father took her and her brother Jake away and now since her grandmother’s death she has inherited a place she always loved and missed.

On arriving at the ranch she is met by Billy McCallister the younger brother of her best friend Claudie and who has had a crush on her ever since. Billy can’t believe the girl he always pined over is finally back, only will she stay.

The house is exactly as Ruby remembered, nothing has been changed, nothing has been updated including the original rotary phone but the worst room is her grandmother’s room proof that her grandmother had gone insane. Bugs, mice, papers, filth all of it facing Ruby, a room she had clean up. When Ruby’s mother disappeared and when she and Jake were taken away she was sure her grandmother never recovered.

No longer the little brat that chased after her and her best friend now Billy is a gorgeous man who makes her body tingle after years of denying herself any happiness can she finally find it at Ruby’s Ranch with Billy. When her father took her and her brother it was Ruby who had to raise Jake and who looked after their father who was filled with rage believing that his wife left him for another man now Ruby finally has a chance to look after herself, Jake married with twins, her father in an institution with dementia and now free to see if anything can come of a relationship between her and Billy.

The only thing that is still plaguing Ruby is the unanswered question of what happened to her mother, did she leave with someone else, was she a victim of a crime, questions that she now hopes she can get answers to. Of course things between Billy and her finally grow to a point where they both see a future together, marriage and children, but then could what happened to her mother put an end to that future.

I will say that I kept thinking I had the answer to all Ruby’s questions but each time I thought I had it I was wrong and the answers were something I could never have conceived of. The book held my interest from beginning to end since I was determined to find out what happened to Ruby’s mother and I did finally get all the answer. Beside the mystery of Ruby’s disappearing mother there were also some very shocking surprises. This is a book I would highly recommend.

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