REVIEW: Ritual- The Eternal Series- Paranormal Fantasy Romance Book #2 Lena Kelly

The Eternal Series Book Cover The Eternal Series
Paranormal Fantasy Romance Book #2
Lena Kelly
Parrn, New Adultormal Vampire Romance
August 28, 2021

Selene couldn’t keep her mind from returning to Ios. Was he still in Chios? Was he safe? Was he thinking about her? And more annoyingly, was he alone? Every time she closed her eyes, there he stood, and it took her breath away.
It had only been two days since he had left her, mostly naked, in his bed in London.
Ios disappears back in time to trace Lilith's steps. Selene is left to try to exist as a human, while trying to figure out who she is. Life begins to unwind as Lilith captures the ancient witch Manto, and the prophecy comes to light. Manto vanishes between the threads of time. Lilith proceeds with the first ritual, spell casting Selene and Osian to release the lifeseed. Ever cunning, she kidnaps Gabriel and takes him to the underworld to distract Selene's guardians, and the ritual completes.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It has been two days since Ios left to find answers about what Lilith is up to and how to protect Selene. He goes back in time to meet with the ancient witch Manto for answers regarding a prophecy and what Selene has to do with it. While questioning Manto they get down and dirty and he is unaware of her Spell cast ensuring she is pregnant with his child. A secret she shares only with Selene’s mother Merope, a child that will be instrumental in the war between demons and angels.

Selene now knows that she is immortal and eternal and is beginning to accept the fact that the man she always thought was her dad couldn’t be since he is mortal. Merope reveals some of her past to Selene, but Selene knows that there is so much more that is being kept from her. She goes to one of her tutors Adam, a warlock who places her in a trance revealing she is immortal and eternal and has wings. He reveals the danger she is in from Lilith wo was cursed by God, and who needs Selene’s blood to break the curse.

Manto advised Ios that an amulet had to be made and blessed by an angel that would protect Selene if she always wore it. Selene tries to live as a mortal, she graduates and gets work as a chiropractor, she meets and dates a man named Ryan who she loves even though her thoughts are always on Ios. Ios finds himself in love something he has never felt in his thousands of years of existence but fights giving in to his desire for her.

Merope is reunited with the love of her long life and Selene’s father. I don’t want to reveal who the father is, but he was a surprise for me and finding out he had a daughter was a surprise to him. His shock at finding out Selene was his daughter left him vulnerable, he let his guard down and he became Lilith’s prisoner.

Lilith captures Manto and she gets a copy of the prophecy, and she creates the first ritual which Lilith sets in motion. Manto then disappears fearing Lilith will discover she is pregnant and without casting anymore spells to continue the ritual.

Lilith has plans that will unleash hell and Ios is determined to protect Selene from falling victim to Lilith’s plans. Unfortunately, a mistake on Selene’s part puts her in Lilith’s path and the first ritual is completed or is it. Ios realizes he can no longer stay away from Selene his absence left her vulnerable to Lilith and he can no longer justify staying away.

As with book one we are left with unanswered questions so hopefully book three will be released soon. So many surprises, secrets, lies and betrayals as Lilith is determined to rule the world. There is no doubt that Ios and Selene are in for a fight for their future, a future that may never be if Lilith succeeds.

This is a series that must be read in order, so I highly recommend starting with book one Revelation, the start of Selene’s story.

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