Shadowing the Light Book Cover Shadowing the Light
The Bearer of Truth Book 1
Miranda Turner
LGBT, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Miranda Turner
December 15, 2018

“Everybody has their own agenda. Everybody.”

Hunted for the unique blood that runs through his veins, half-angel, half-demon Gabriel Sinclair lives without expectations. On the run from forces on both sides of an ancient conflict, he searches for strength and peace in a world which only seeks to use him.

When Gabriel is forced to stop running, assigned a team—and a mate—he doesn’t want, and reluctantly tasked with a mission, he must overcome obstacles both real and imagined. Otherwise, the world as he knows it, and the mate he’s reluctantly come to care for, may cease to exist.

“I will do as the Creator bids me. Always.”

Evander Ryan is special, and he knows it. The final handcrafted immortal warrior for the light, he is the Creator’s greatest masterpiece. For fifty-eight years, he’s lived his life in black and white, coddled by his Maker, while leading his team to countless victories against their enemies. Those fights were easy. Working with a new, uncooperative mate who sees the world in shades of gray? Less so.

As Evander’s eyes are opened to the existence of light warriors who are not good, dark warriors who are, and the wider world of supernatural beings, he learns nothing is as he thought it was, and his mate isn’t who he thought he was either. Maybe there’s something to be said for not always following the rules.

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Reviewed by Xanthe

Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild

First point: When is the next book out? I need it now!

Second point – Holy cow what a fantastic story with amazing characters, relationships and plot lines!

Third point: I love and needed the glossary that comes at the start of this book.

Ok, they’re my main points just in case I forget (very likely!). I don’t know why but I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. I enjoyed it immensely and if sleep wasn’t a necessity, it would have been consumed in one sitting.

There are two MC’s, Gabriel and Evander who are mates with a tenuous relationship. We also have a large supporting cast with the team of men they work with, along with Michael and Barrabas who pop in to help Gabriel every now and then. And there is a wide variety of supernatural beings we meet along the way. A lot of new relationships are built as we go through the story. It’s entertaining to read everyone’s reactions and interactions with each other. I just fell into the story and found it so easy to consume everything that was going on.

What starts as the tensest of arrangements fast becomes something entertaining, emotional and action packed. Once you become accustomed to the words and what all of them mean (see point three), it’s easy to fall into the story and what is going on with our MC’s. My heart strings were tugged for Gabriel on many occasions and just wanted to slap Evander up the side of the head.This book comes with a strong and well developed plot line, intricate relationships and several locations that are described in great detail. This author has done an amazing job with her debut work!

I cannot recommend this book enough and I am so looking forward to book two! I’m really hoping that we don’t have that long a wait for it.

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