REVIEW : Shard’s of Trust- The Trust Trilogy Book#2- Fox Beckman

Shard's of Trust Book Cover Shard's of Trust
The Trust Trilogy Book#2
Fox Beckman
Gay Romance, Fantasy, LGBTQ Fantasy Romance
Nine Star Press
Jan 23, 2024

Things are going good for Ravi. Sure, a bunch of vampires want to turn Atlanta into a bloodsucker paradise, and sure, Ravi’s matchmaking aunt keeps shoving available bachelorettes at him left and right. Despite all that, Ravi’s secret affair with the enigmatic time traveler Cayenne is making him happier than he’s ever been in his life.

But Cayenne has secrets of their own, ones they can’t hide any longer, past and future on a collision course to disaster.

When the truth comes out, Ravi and Cayenne face their greatest challenge yet: each other.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It has been two weeks since Ravi has heard from Cayenne since their return from the Seychelles but the appearance of packs of vampires has taken his mind off the sadness.

Alphas are working together, which is unheard of, and Ravi decides to do some recon to find out what they are dealing with.

Ravi had intended to just watch from the car, but he left the car to go closer when he found a dead body which just led him further into the building and danger. What he finds are dead bodies, no vampires alive, nothing but emptiness. The vampire problem is eliminated, and Ravi wonders if Cayenne had something to do with it.

Cayenne finally shows up and admits to his part in the vampire situation and delivers an orb that had been stolen from an antiquities museum capable of allowing vampires to permanently go out in the daytime. The orb could have been a serious change, a deadly change if vampires were free to kill day or night.

Ravi is being forced to marry and his aunt has set him up with a woman named Jessika Eaton whose family is part of the Trust. Ravi manages to anger her with his actions, and she leaves the restaurant alone, one down but more such meetings to come.

With the vampire situation handled and his date handled Ravi can get away and meet up with Cayenne in a cabin in the mountains. Cayenne keeps pestering Ravi to run away with him to pick a time where they are free to just be together only Ravi is not the type of man to walk away from his responsibilities.

Ravi and Cayenne can spend another weekend together at a cabin, a weekend where Cayenne reveals why he first approached Ravi and it is mind blowing and hurtful and still not enough for Ravi to call it quits. Even when Cayenne walks out stating they should no longer see each other Ravi finds it hard to accept.

Ravi finally talks to his teammates about Cayenne and his sexual preference which he has always kept a secret. His teammates, Constance, Val, Harry and Nate are all ready to stand by him no matter what he needs and help with whatever happens in August.

There are so many surprises and questions answered, i.e. about what will happen in August, what part Cayenne plays but there are so many more questions which hopefully will be answered in book three.

This is a series that must be read in order, and I highly recommend doing that.

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