Review: Shifter’s Journey – Laura Hawks

Shifter's Journey Book Cover Shifter's Journey
Spirit Walker Thrillers Book 3
Laura Hawks
Paranormal Romance Mystery
June 8, 2018

Reporter Sierra Hall was compelled to travel to Colorado Springs, but she journeyed further than she believed possible.. all the way to 1895! To persevere, Sierra becomes a Harvey Girl. She soon discovers a mystery of girls disappearing which she must solve in order to set history right and hopefully, return to her own time.

Cheyenne Spirit Walker, Stone Red Tree rescues Sierra after she's injured, putting himself and his tribe in danger. He's willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, to protect her. Will she uncover the tribe's greatest secret and possibly doom Stone in the process?

Bart Higgins has plans--lots of them and they didn't include a Harvey Girl captivating his affection. When he saves Sierra's life, he wonders if she's everything he's been looking for. However, he has a hidden agenda of his own which could prevent her getting home.

Will the fates return her or keep her captive in the past?
It'll take all her investigative skills to not only solve the mystery of the century, but also survive it.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sierra Hall is a reporter who since childhood has had premonitions about things and now her premonitions are very strong that she is needed in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is where she needs to be and that is where she is planning on spending her vacation. When she arrives she sees a man following her, a man who seems to know her name and is begging her not to leave him again, and a man she has never seen before. Frightened she has him arrested for stalking and she continues on with her vacation.

Boarding a train she suddenly had a burning sensation in her throat and closed her eyes to get herself under control. When she opened her eyes shortly after it was to face an armed bandit

who looked ready to kill her. If it wasn’t for Barthalomew Higgins (Bart) saving her she would surely be dead. Now she is in Cripple Creek, a mining town and is aware that she is no longer in Kansas, she is now in 1895 and carrying another woman’s suitcase. When she opens the suitcase she finds that it belonged to a woman named Elizabeth S. Hanley and she was to begin working as a Harvey Girl at the Santa Fe Station’s Harvey House Eating Establishment.

With no money she is happy to realize that she would have employment and room and board and hoped that the real Elizabeth Hanley did not show up. Bart begins to show an interest in her and since Elizabeth’s middle name began with an S she asks to be called Sierra. Although she likes Bart it is nothing more than a simple crush for now but at least she is not alone and hopefully will earn enough money to buy a train ticket that would hopefully would bring her back to 2018. In the meantime she discovers that some of the Harvey Girls have disappeared and it is believed they ran off with miners. A nagging feeling and Sierra’s journalistic instincts tell her something is not right because the last girl who disappeared left her prized possession a guitar and a family heirloom something she swore she would never leave behind, so why did she.

Bart saved her life and during a picnic tried to take it but an arrow to her leg and Stone Red Tree a Cheyenne saved her life this time around. She is saved by River the Medicine Woman and the one who realizes that she is out of place and time. Several months spent with the Cheyenne and with Stone in particular begins to bring to light the reason she felt compelled to travel to Colorado Springs. Women are missing and Bart is apparently planning a huge mining project that could prove deadly. Sierre has to bring about change before returning home and the only thing that bothers her is leaving behind the man she has fallen in love with, Stone.

I won’t go into detail about what occurs between Stone and Sierra or with Bart because this is a book that you have to read for yourself and believe me I have absolutely no doubt you will love it. I read this 542 page book and had no idea it was that long because it went by so quickly, that in and of itself speaks to how amazing this story was. Murder, lies, secrets, time travel, shifters, attempted rape and more I was captured by this story from page one and never once felt bored.



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