Review: Small Town Sonata – Jamie Fessenden

Small Town Sonata Book Cover Small Town Sonata
Dreamspun Desires Book 87
Jamie Fessenden
Gay Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 6, 2019

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Blurb: Can the trusted town handyman rebuild a broken pianist’s heart?

When a freak accident ends Aiden’s career as a world-renowned classical pianist, he retreats to his New Hampshire hometown, where he finds the boy he liked growing up is even more appealing as a man.

Dean Cooper’s life as handyman to the people of Springhaven might not be glamorous, but he’s well-liked and happy. When Aiden drifts back into town, Dean is surprised to find the bond between them as strong as ever. But Aiden is distraught over the loss of his career and determined to get back on the international stage.

Seventeen years ago Dean made a sacrifice and let Aiden walk away. Now, with their romance rekindling, he knows he’ll have to make the sacrifice all over again. This time it may be more than he can bear.

Review: Aiden was just walking off a curb, when tragedy struck in the form of a bicycle, and the young pianist’s life was painfully altered. He had left his family and small town in Springhaven, New Hampshire as a young teen to study music. He had far surpassed what could be taught to him by his music teachers, and his parents funded his schooling.

For seventeen years, piano and music was all he had known. Travelling thru America, Paris, and London; being paid well, living the spoiled and rich life.

The bicycle had left him injuring his hands and he was as far as he could go medically. After two years with his hands and fingers still not doing all he needed of them, Aiden returned to the small town to his parents a shell of who he had been.

It is here he sees Dean Cooper. Dean was his first kiss, his first flutter of young love. Leaving town those years ago, the breaking of his promise to return at Christmas break is a stark reality facing him now as he comes face to face with this beautiful grown up sexy man; no longer a boy.

It is not difficult to see the attraction is still there, as their relationship begins anew with even more fervor. Trust and understanding builds again as Aiden heals more emotionally which can hopefully help the physical.

I just love the writings of Jamie Fessenden, and the richness of his own love for music is always so passionately displayed in the books he writes with this topic. This story was beautifully written, fun in parts, sad in others… too…It’s got it all for a Dreamspun Novel.

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