Solstice Sacrifice Book Cover Solstice Sacrifice
Solstice Series, Book 2
John J. Blenkush
Romantic Fantasy
Independently published
May 31, 2020


In volume two of the SOLSTICE SERIES, SACRIFICE, Julissa faces challenges and threats on all sides. Aaron is identified as the prime suspect in Louk Hollingsworth’s death. Questions linger as to Aaron’s sexual preference, age, and superhuman skills. Cherrie, a nymphomaniac, becomes sexually entwined with Jason Chavez, who seeks to revenge Louk’s death. Nani Doris, an Atlantean and the leader of the Sons and Daughters of Belial, with comparable skills to Aaron, befriends Julissa while making advances on Aaron. Dierdra, Julissa’s mother, accepts a job in Minnesota. Julissa’s principal, head-hunter and Godzog, sanctions her for kissing Joe Leach, her teacher.

As the tension builds with others feeling the same negativity toward Aaron, Julissa is torn between loving or hating Aaron, even as she learns profound details about the ancient Lemurians. Aaron gifts Julissa a Lemurian communication crystal, which alters her physical and emotional being, triggering clarity and chaos. Julissa learns Aaron recharges from the energy centers of Bennu and Mount Shastina, that he can walk on snow, is an expert in Aikido, and often deploys an invisible shield for protection. And that he can be sexually aroused.

Without realizing it, Julissa steps into the direct path of a centuries-old Atlantean/Lemurian ideological conflict.
When Julissa finds out that she’ll be leaving California and moving back home to Minnesota, she revolts, choosing to climb the perilous Mt. Shasta with Aaron. But at what cost?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When book one ended it was with Aaron Delmon driving off and leaving Julissa while a police car was parked in front of her home with no idea of what happened to her mother. Book two has started exactly as book one ended only the police officer is not there for her mother but for information regarding the death of Louk Hollingsworth the boy responsible for nearly killing Julissa with his skateboard.

Since it was common knowledge that Aaron and Louk had an argument Aaron is the main suspect leaving Julissa with mixed feelings. Can Aaron be responsible for killing someone when he always preaches the Law of One, each person caring for the other or is she so hung up on him that she is not seeing clearly. Louk was found dead having hit a tree but his helmet off and it appeared he was hit in the back of the head.

Julissa insists on going to see Aaron and to get answers and to return the box he gave her which she is convinced contains a ring. Julissa does get some answers from Aaron, his cousins and his godfather and discovers that a group of Lemurians moved to Atlantis no longer believing in the Law of One and losing all morals along the way. They have the same powers as Aaron and they are around. The ring box is just a Lemurian crystal for Julissa to wear around her neck.

Cherrie’s boyfriend Jason Chavez is convinced that Aaron is the killer and he and a group of drunk friends surround him, each holding a weapon. Calmer minds prevail and the group stops what they are doing. The cause of Louk’s death is finally solved but I won’t reveal who or what it was.

Julissa is a lost girl, the death of her father, uncle and her friend in Minnesota in addition to the loss of her mother who for all intents and purposes is alive, well she is breathing but drinking and barely functioning. She wants more, she wants to be chosen like Aaron and his family but she has no idea what awaits her. Her mother wants to move back to Minnesota, a new girl Nani Doris has come to the school and we have to learn a lot more about her which I am sure we will in book three.

Historical information behind Mt. Shasta, the lost City of Telos the Lemurian connection to Atlantis is a huge part of this series and for those interested in those legends this is the perfect book for you. This boo, like book one, ended in a powerful cliffhanger and now I will start book three and find out what happened.

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