Solstice - Songline Book Cover Solstice - Songline
Solstice Series, Book 4
John J. Blenkush
Magical Realism, Dystopian Fiction
Independently published
June 16, 2020


In Book 4 of the Solstice Series, in Telos, the city buried beneath Mount Shastina, the remnant DNA strain of the Lemurian race is at its end. On the earth’s surface, world apocalypse looms. A surface-equal – a virgin with virtuous heart and pure blood – must be found to stave off extinction of the Lemurian race before life on earth is obliterated. The Lemurians believe they have found her – sixteen-year-old Julissa Grant.

With nothing left topside to hold her, the maligned and shamed Julissa makes her choice and follows the cousins into Telos. As of yet, she is unproven and considered by many of the Lemurian council a mismatch for Aaron. To prove otherwise, Julissa and Aaron are tested as avatars, walking Songline to see if they’re compatible and capable of working together. Burdened with three serious flaws, greed, anger, and ignorance, Julissa fails miserably with detriment to Aaron. Julissa reluctantly agrees to return topside. But Paragon, the leader of the Lemurians offers her a chance to redeem herself by entering the Discovery Tunnel. Here she’s challenged by a series of self-discovery tasks by Jungo, the last of the little people. While learning singlemindedness and with time ticking down before Armageddon’s Killshot is fired, will Julissa conquer her inner demons? Or lose her place in the New World to one of her competitors?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we left off in book 3, Julissa just heard the words her mother is dead. At first believed to be a car accident caused by a drunk driver but then after investigation it was ruled murder. Once again Julissa is alone she lost her father, uncle, friend and now her mother. Aaron is gone and as a minor her aunt who she never knew has been granted guardianship. She has few options open to her when Dr. Z makes an offer to help her become emancipated, buying her her own home and supplying everything she needs to live, only negative she has to agree to be a guinea pig.

She takes the only other option open to her and goes to see the Delmon’s who give her news that crushes her, the earth’s crust is unstable, a super volcano will erupt causing volcanoes all over the world to erupt and then the grand finale solar flares, old earth will end and the only hope is building a new world. Julissa has a choice to stay and die with everyone else or go to Telos and become the surface-equal chosen to be with Aaron and give birth to a child that will infuse new DNA keeping the Lemurians alive.

The first thing she is required to do is enter a pod and see if she can pass to see if she and Aaron are compatible. Told to think happy thoughts she can only think of drowning, suffocating and freezing and nearly causing Aaron’s avatar to die, killing his body at the same time. Hope is running out and she is sent to Jungo to go through the Discovery Tunnel to face her fears and learn to stop dwelling on the negative. Unfortunately Julissa can’t stop blaming herself for the deaths of her father, her friend and her mother because of her friendship with Nani and her group.

Jungo reminds me of Yoda, a small little man who tries to get her to trust her heart and herself or all is lost. She is on a journey of self discovery and to become the surface-equal joining with the man she loves and saving the Lemurians and the world.

The end is near both for the earth and for this series so I will begin book five and discover whether the world survives or dies.

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