REVIEW: Song of Howls: Sisters of Song Book 2- MD Grimm

Song of Howls Book Cover Song of Howls
Sisters of Song Book 2
MD Grimm
Wolf Shfter, Fantasy, Romance
July 10, 2024


As Alaiya reclaims her life, she never intended to capture the heart of a she-wolf.

Alaiya was trained by her parents to be the perfect wife. Due to her beauty, they knew they could entice a wealthy man to wed her and raise their status. She was a trophy, a prize, brought out to entertain like an obedient dog. Their efforts were rewarded when Lord Salazem claimed her to become his next wife, intent on adding her to his harem. But when two mighty dragons and her sister save her, Alaiya is given a new chance at life.

Determined to stand on her own and discover who she truly is, Alaiya has little interest in relationships. Even when she meets the silver-haired Talla, Alaiya pushes down her desire, unwilling to be caged again.

Talla is the alpha of her large wolf pack in the Firestar Mountains and knows Alaiya is her mate. She is entranced by Alaiya’s strength, courage, and loyalty, and is determined to prove herself as a worthy mate. But first she must overcome Alaiya’s barriers, which might prove to be her greatest challenge.

As Alaiya and her sister adjust to their new lives, they must secure their home from those who would take it from them. Including their parents. As Alaiya struggles to stand on her own, she learns that true strength lies in letting others stand beside her.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Alaiya spent her life under her parents’ rule trained to be obedient so that she would fetch a huge amount when they sold her off. Venya spent her life neglected, considered ugly and not worth any time or effort. Now the sisters are together living on the mountain that the queen gifted them and being protected by the dragons, Venya’s mates and Talla the alpha of her wolf pack.

Venya is now pregnant, and it is breeding time for the dragons so they will be gone for a while leaving Talla and the wolves in charge of protecting their mate and her sister. When Talla revealed to Alaiya that she was her mate it was not welcome news. Alaiya is finally free and is not ready to be caged again. She also is still trying to discover who she is and get over fear of not being able to protect herself.

With Talla’s help Alaiya works at building herself up, practicing how to fight so she is never at someone else’s mercy. Talla welcomes any time she gets to spend with her mate and hopes eventually Alaiya will open to her. With the dragons being away shifters come seeking sanctuary and Venya welcomes all. They can stay anywhere but on the mountain.

When a pack of beavers’ request sanctuary they offer help in renovating the castle which is still in disrepair. The beavers prove to be very handy at building and Venya and Alaiya are more than happy to accept the help. Alaiya fills her time practicing fighting and creating. She is making saddles for the dragons so that Venya is safe and comfortable, sewing clothes so she can have Talla wear clothes when they practice since seeing her naked distracts Alaiya.

Alaiya is starting to accept the fact that Talla wants her and never tries to interfere in her life. Because Talla gives her freedom to be who she is, even though she doesn’t know herself she begins to accept that they could have a relationship. Talla protects Alaiya when they go to the market for supplies, always on guard for anyone looking suspicious or dangerous.

Just when everyone is settling into their new lives their past comes knocking and it brings danger. Alaiya is confident in her ability to protect herself, but the danger grows, and it will require a plan and all hands on deck.

The characters are wonderful, and I loved catching up with the sisters after book one. There is danger, romance, sex, surprises and a wolf pack and two sisters ready willing and able to fight for what they want.

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