Review: Stage Presents – Aidan Wayne

Stage Presents Book Cover Stage Presents
Aidan Wayne
YA LGBT Romance
Harmony Ink Press
June 25, 2019

Ashlee has loved Disney since she was a kid and can’t wait to be a part of the Disney College Program. Even better, she aced her audition and on top of being cast as a fur character, she’s also going to be trained as a princess! The only downside is that she’s exchanged emails with her assigned roommate, Dana, and Dana’s… kind of weird.

Dana is looking forward to the Disney College Program. The opportunity to live away from home and work for a Fortune 500 company is a great one, and she’s pretty excited about it. The only downside is that she’s exchanged emails with her assigned roommate, Ashlee, and Ashlee... didn’t have the best reaction to the fact that Dana is trans.

With Ashlee oblivious and slightly ignorant and Dana prone to judging others before they judge her, both girls start off on the wrong foot. Over time their miscommunication and distrust turn into friendship, but when they start noticing things about each other that they like and admire, it turns into something more.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ashlee and Dana have both been accepted into the Disney College Program and will be roommates. In order to get to know each other before they move into their apartment they decided to email each other. Ashlee is a very peppy girl who makes friends easily and is hopeful that she and Dana will become lasting friends, her emails are full of smiley faces and exclamation points and her love of Disney is very apparent.

Dana is a trans who wanted to meet Ashlee and give her a chance to change her living arrangements if being with a tran was not something she could live with since they will be together for five months. Dana is also not a lover of Disney and not a peppy, happy go lucky girl like Ashlee and her first impression of Ashlee was not encouraging.

Neither girl wanted to be the one to change anything and so Ashlee agree to move in with Dana. From their first meeting there was no doubt that they would not be getting along, Ashlee needs the TV on at night to fall asleep and Dana can’t fall asleep with noise. Ashlee loves Disney and watches it every night over and over again and Dana is not a huge Disney fan even though she is part of the program. Ashlee wakes up at six every morning waking Dana who can’t fall back to sleep and a conversation Dana overheard referring to Dana as not natural just made matters worse.

It was a burning pot that finally got the two roommates to communicate and explain their problems with each other, a talk that led to them becoming friends and possibly more because Ashlee has a secret she hasn’t shared.

A story of two girls who couldn’t be more opposite forming opinions of each other before even learning about each other. A story of two girls who finally see each other in a new light and appreciate what they see, even leading to more than friendship.

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