REVIEW: The Diamond Rose: A Sentinel 10 novel – Daniela Valenti

The Diamond Rose Book Cover The Diamond Rose
A Sentinel 10 Novel
Daniela Valenti
Paranormal Romance/Occult Horror
Independently Published
November 24, 2020

Amanda’s medical school graduation is unlike any other. A solar flare awakens her super-psychic powers, enabling her to fight evil, supernatural and human alike. She is the Sentinel 10, the most powerful warrior in a secret society of similarly endowed people. Her life becomes a whirlwind of international travel and exciting paranormal challenges. But all is not as it seems. Soon Amanda discovers that the man she loves has an evil alter ego and that her own powers have a dark side. Her first year as a Sentinel will push the limits of her resilience and put her own humanity to the test.

THE DIAMOND ROSE is a thrilling and romantic adventure, the first in an exciting new series. Fans of paranormal romance will enjoy this tale of a female heroine who struggles to master her powers and understand love.

Reviewed by Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book; the story was riveting for the most part although it does have some dull page burning moments. The characters were well developed for the most part with the exception of Matt and Alain (the latter just never felt “real”). The story though was outstanding and addicting with enough action to get your appetite going but too soon it moved away to more mundane things. I will be on the lookout for book 2 when it comes out since this story is far from over even though we have closed the first chapter. Trying to balance my love for the story with the problems I found leaves me trying to come up with a fair and accurate rating but I think 3.5 Stars close to 4 is about right.

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