Review: The First to Fall – Tanisha D. Jones

The First to Fall Book Cover The First to Fall
The Fallen Series
Tanisha D. Jones
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
June 6, 2016

Fans of J.R. Ward and Anne Rice will love this exciting new series!!!
When the body of rock star Nicky Sky turns up missing, Dt. Elijah Cain is on the case, until the case is ripped out from under him by some powerful higher ups. But Eli has a little secret, he knows things, and he knows that Nicky Sky walked away from his own coffin. With the help of Nicky's bestfriend, the sexy and intriguing Dr. C. Keegan Kent, he is drawn into a world of supernatural creatures , a world that he never imagined existed. His connection to the tantalizingly exotic Doc runs deeper than Eli realizes and leads him on a path to the truth .

With the shadowy Collective on the hunt to destroy Nicky and the wicked creature that turned the rock star against his will, Eli and the Doc team up to find the malevolent creature who is also hunting them. The chase puts them on a collision course with their destiny... or their destruction.

Reviewed by: Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Let me start by saying I really loved this story and the plot. Sadly, however, the book started great and then slowly dissolved into more verbose descriptions and overdone sex.

In the opening scene our rock star secondary (but important) character does not have a good evening. You are hooked and want to know more—but are dragged through our hero’s dreams and random parts of our heroine’s life.

Our hero is a detective. In what has become a cliché in the gay sidekick/friend/etc., our heroine is a genius doctor of something.That is all great, except that along the way, our intelligent detective and genius doctor seem to lose several IQ points and an undying sexual attraction.

The saving grace of this story is that we don’t know who, what, or why these “things” are attacking people. The history of both our hero and the heroine is murky for most of the book, revealed in doses, which adds to the attraction and suspense. We have some unlikeable “family” on her side that suddenly become likeable. This came across more confusing than entertaining.
It turns out that our couple has more secrets than the CIA, and so do a few of the secondary characters. This part of the story plays out well with a few real surprises along the way.

Bottom Line: After being bored with horribly verbose descriptions of everything in every room we enter, it became less verbose. Characters who seemed to have a problem being consistent played a part in a very good story. I wanted to give this 3 Stars, however, I must admit I enjoyed the last 30 percent of the book with the action and secrets revealed. If I think about any book for more than a few minutes of the next 24 hours after I finish it, I feel obligated to give it 4 Stars. I keep thinking about this story, which means I enjoyed it, and the book did not end on a cliffhanger which I always appreciate.

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