Review: The Moon – L.A. McGinnis

The Moon Book Cover The Moon
The Banished Gods: Book Two
L.A. McGinnis
Urban Fantasy/Mythology
Fools Journey Press
April 2, 2019

Held captive in her dreams by a dark god,

Celine Barrow’s life is the stuff of nightmares.

Her only chance at salvation is a stranger who makes no promises, and leads her on a journey into the very darkness she thought she had escaped. As their forbidden romance grows, Celine discovers that it takes a monster to defeat a monster.

Fenrir has endured a lifetime of servitude, bound to a destiny ordained by the gods. Until he meets Celine, and the delicate human steals his heart. As the world shatters around them, and war looms on the horizon, Fen is forced to make a terrible choice between love and fate.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Since returning from the Underworld months ago Ferir (Fen) has stayed alone and felt that something was missing. When Fen’s sister Hel tried to start a war and since she and her demons have been banished to the underworld he has been lost, he needs to hunt and kill it is what he was created for but all he sees is the room he has locked himself away in.

Celine Barrows was a girl who grew up between her grandparents, strangers, foster care and at times living on the street stealing to eat. Her mom was an addict and her father was gone and all she had left of him was nightmares. The one thing in her favor is her brain a brain that is like a supercomputer where she remembers everything she sees and every word she reads. Her brain earned her a full scholarship but for the past months she has not been herself. One night she was accosted on the bus and brought to a dark, empty alley where her attacker shot her in the head. Fortunately he missed and just bruised her.

That incident is what brought Fen and her together, together in the Otherworld a world he escaped to when his beast was getting out of control. Fen found Celine bloody and alive something that never happens in the Otherworld where there is only death. Celine sees him and has no fear of him when he saves her and the next thing she knows she is waking up in a hospital bed.

Fen knows that he changed something in that realm when he carried Celine across the river and he knows that although she is alive she will have no memory of who she is. Celine knows only what the hospital tells her, her name and her address and other than that her mind is a total blank. Fen knows he can’t leave her with no memory and when he arrives at her home she once again feels no fear and remembers him. With help from Mir, Celine gets her memory back but there are still some missing pieces.

When she falls asleep she wakes up screaming for something to write on and she writes pages and pages of a language no one recognizes. She gets visits from a shadow who enters her mind and uses her to record his message, he is Orobus the Dark God of Chaos using Celine as a way to free himself and get to Earth where he will destroy everyone including the Gods. With no other choice Fen takes her to the tower where he is sure to enrage Odin, but Celine seems to be the only one that Orobus talks to. There is the possibility that she is the one that will be his doorway to freedom. Not only is she brilliant she is stubborn and has no problem standing up to Odin even when she is sure he wants her dead. She has something Orobus wants, something she stole from him but I won’t reveal what that is.

Although I loved book one, Queen of Swords, I have to admit that this one kept me so engrossed that I finished it in one sitting, I needed answers about Celine and Fen, I needed to know if Orobus wins and I needed to know if Fenrir finally found love. Of course most of my questions were answered but there is no doubt that there is more to come and I for one can’t wait. Amazing characters, Loki, Mir, Odin, Tyr, Fen and the other banished gods banished to Earth to protect mankind and the human women that make it into their hidden world.

Love mythology, romance, betrayal, secrets, lies immortal gods well look no further than this series and it is a series that needs to be read in order.

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