REVIEW : The Perfect Voice – The Perfect Series Book #1- Beth Gelman

The Perfect Voice Book Cover The Perfect Voice
The Perfect Series Book #1
Beth Gelman
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance
Cindy Ziegelman Enterprises LLC;
June 28, 2023

Temptation, ambition, and the perfect voice.

Ruby has always had a passion for music, but when the opportunity to become a sexy voice-over artist arises, she grabs it - no matter what the cost. She soon discovers that her boss, Daniel, is not only the imminent owner of the agency but also the not-so-perfect gentleman. As Ruby learns the ropes of her new career, she also learns the abs and angles of her boss.

Can Ruby prove to Daniel that he made the right decision to hire her, while simultaneously proving to herself that she has the talent and dedication to get the career of her dreams? As Ruby and Daniel move through a series of contentious life issues, they must also overcome corporate sabotage and past flings to reach their ultimate goal.

The Perfect Voice is a hot contemporary romance with a comedic counterpoint. If you enjoyed the book "The One" by Kiera Cass, you'll love The Perfect Voice.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Ruby Michaelson had a rough time in college deciding on the right degree and she has had the same trouble finding and keeping a job. Her last job resulted in her being fired because all her ideas were stolen by her boss claiming those ideas were his. Without a job she had to move back with her parents, so her life was not going in the right direction.

When she decided to interview for a voiceover job, she hoped that would finally be the right career move. Despite experience being needed she decided to go and hope for the best. The day of her interview would start off with a man trying to take her Uber and she was not going to give up without a fight. She won leaving the man staring after her and the car, but she was not going to be late. How could she possibly know that the man facing her for the interview would be the same man she pushed away from what she felt was her ride. Not a promising start to what she hoped would be a new start for her.

Daniel Miller is the Creative Director for the Miles & Stone Advertising company, and he is working on one of their biggest projects. Stella Lingerie is opening a new line of lingerie that would be affordable for the average woman and not just for women with money. The right voiceover person is essential to the campaign and although Daniel was angry over missing his ride and who took it from him, he gave her a shot. She was the answer to his prayers, the diamond in the rough that could sell the product, with her perfect voice.

Ruby has a job that will last for at least a year and at a salary she could only dream of. Finally, she will be able to move out of her parents’ home and become independent again. Of course, the fact that Daniel is sex on a stick, and she is very attracted to him was just another plus in her new position. Daniel has kept himself from relationships, dedicating his life to his job and advancing in his career. The only mistake he made was sleeping with Elena who worked for the company and who he soon learned was using him to advance her career at his and the company’s expense.

As Daniel and Ruby work together, their attraction gets hard to ignore and both their jobs would be at risk if their relationship went against company policy. Daniel was leaving nothing to chance and went to HR for advice. Can he pursue a relationship with Ruby without risking everything, you will have to find out for yourself.

Daniel soon realizes that going against company policy would be his least worry he would have to concern himself with Elena and her desire to get back and him and Ruby who she suspects he is attracted to.

Romance, Sex, company intrigue and amazing characters make this book a must read. Book two is already available and I will be starting it after this review and book three is coming in August, so I don’t have long to wait.


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