REVIEW: The Perfection of Peace – Daranii Alliance Book 3- C.J. Dragon

The Perfection of Peace Book Cover The Perfection of Peace
Daranii Alliance Book 3
C. J. Dragon
Science Fiction, Gay Fiction
March 15, 2024


War is stalking Daran.

Ordered to separate ships, Jon and Talin struggle with another parting, their words of comfort barely enough to sustain them.

Jon reluctantly takes command of the entire fleet at his superior’s insistence, once again commanding the Excalibur as the alliance with Earth becomes a reality.

They face an enemy no one has seen with only Jon’s humanity to assure victory.

Will Jon and Talin survive what they must do to win?

Or will the price be more than they can give?

Grab The Perfection of Peace today for heartache, danger, and a happy ever after guaranteed!

This is the third and final book in the Daranii Alliance Series. To understand the overall story arc, it is recommended you read the first 2 books in the series.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The time has come to prepare for battle against the Strakaan and once again Jon and Talin find themselves apart. Jon will be Captain of the Excalibur, his old ship which brings back old painful memories and without Talin those memories are harder to deal with. He is commanding a combined Earth-Daranii force.

Since the last battle with the Strakaan was a loss for Daran it was decided to let Jon deal with them since Jon believes in communication before an attack and with the new language interpreter it is hopeful that a peaceful outcome will present itself. When Jon talks with the Leader of the Strakaan he discovers that they are Omala, Strakaan is the word they use to describe Daranii.

The Leader appears to be in favor of peace until he reveals a fighter ship is headed their way and is not receiving their messages. Jon has no doubt that the ship will come ready for battle, and it does. The Leader no longer communicates, and the enemy ship is firing with all guns blazing.

This is where Jon uses all his knowledge and meets the enemy head on. I won’t reveal what happened, but it is a much better outcome than previously. Talin is seriously injured when he disobeys a directive from Jon and something that a Daranii warrior would never do another reason life-mates should never be separated.

When Talin was injured the bond between him, and Jon disappeared convincing Jon that he was dead and the only positive in his mind is that he will also die in three days. The pain Jon is suffering is off the charts, the love of his life is gone, and he is inconsolable. Fortunately, Jon is informed that Talin is alive but in an induced coma since the doctor knows all too well that when awake, he will fight any kind of treatment.

Jon has his hands full with a husband who does not do well when he can’t handle his daily duties and it once again reminded Jon that Talin can switch to warrior mode without warning. With all the trouble affecting Jon and Talin’s life good news comes, Jon’s sister is pregnant, and he and Talin will be uncles.

Unfortunately, this is the last book in this series but hopefully not the end of Jon and Talin’s story. The story ends with a huge surprise which I won’t discuss.

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