REVIEW: The Responsible King – The Faction Kings Book #1- Anasticia Ray

The Responsible King Book Cover The Responsible King
The Faction Kings Book #1
Anasticia Ray
Action Adventure, Demons, Devils, Erotica, Paranormal Romance
Oct 2, 2023

I had a normal life. I was set to marry my best friend, rule over the people and land I loved, and live an ordinary life. But my life changed instantly, and I am forced to do what must be done to save my sisters and my people. I am the eldest daughter of a king, and I am just a pawn in a cycle that goes back thousands of years. In an instant everything changed…
One Day…
One Event…
One Secret…
And One Tradition….
And One Man, King Zair of the fae. I am taken from all I know but not willingly and now I will be bound to the fae King. A man I don’t even know. I hate him. He is arrogant and so sure of himself. My problem? My body isn’t listening and for the first time I feel things I have never felt before. Deep down I know everything is changing but I refuse to go willingly like some hopeless pathetic child. That is until he threatens to take one of my sisters in my place. Since my mother’s death when I was 7, I have taken care of all four of my sisters. I accept my fate and start a new life. But I vow I will not make it easy for him and I will never give in to him.

I had one goal. Get the girl, make her my wife and move on. I knew I was bound to create an heir and I was determined to do so whether she liked it or not. I expected a woman who knew of her fate, who was soft, willing, and quiet. What I got was a raving wildcat with sparks in her eyes and fire from her mouth. She aggravates me to no end. I don’t have time to deal with her antics. I have a war to stop in the magic world and a responsibility to my people that I must fulfill. But what I can’t deny is the electricity that runs through me every time we touch. It doesn’t matter though; I still need an heir. This will make it more interesting. Until I can’t get enough. What do I do when I start to crave her?

This book contains steamy scenes with fierce brutes and strong heroines. Book contains scenes not suited for under the age of 18.


The High King of the Magic World has died leaving his shocked son and heir Zair the new High King. Zair questioned his father’s death but now he has more stressing matters to handle. There are 12 factions and the High King rules over them all. When his father’s last words were read Zair found him once again in shock, he must marry and produce an heir and if it doesn’t happen Zair’s Uncle Orion would assume the position of High King.

Zair knew that he would be forced to marry but the rest of his father’s words left everyone speechless. Zair must not only marry but his father had already picked his bride and that arrangement means marrying a human. This marriage to King Lothar’s eldest daughter Alexandra (Alexia) who is already betrothed to a man she has known all her life. This marriage would ensure peace between the Magic World and humans.

The news of the arranged marriage made Alexia feeling betrayed and angry. She woke up in the morning happy and in the afternoon, she was introduced to her new husband-to-be. If Alexia refused it would fall to the next oldest sister and she was not going to allow that, since her mom’s death she was more mother than sister to her siblings.

Zair made it clear that Alexia would be his wife in all ways, sleep in his bed every night and made all his desires very verbal. She is determined to fight him tooth and nail and make his life miserable and finds it confusing when she begins to get excited when he kisses her and when he touches her, but that won’t change anything, she will fight him.

Alexia leaves her home and family after their human wedding, her sisters crying and feeling lost even with Zair’s promise to let them see her whenever they want. Once the mating ceremony is over Zair will finally be able to bring his new bride to his bed and he is quite anxious. He has sworn that he would never be unfaithful to his wife but when his mistress, Jothari grabs him in the hall telling him she will be his bride Alexia sees it and immediately assumes the wrong thing.

Jothari is banned from the castle but when she is gone, he discovers that she was hated by everyone. She was condescending and mean, and her behavior was kept from him. He never saw what she was really like but now that he knows he fears she will be a danger to Alexia, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and her fury could be deadly.

After the mating ceremony Zair and Alexia’s feelings begin to grow but anyone who wants to take the crown away from Zair will have to make the attempt before the Crowning Ceremony and it does.

I read this book in one sitting, loved every minute of it Alexia’s sisters are not mild mannered or afraid to hesitate state their demands, all due to the amazing job Alexia did raising them. Alexia finds a new family with Zair’s mom and sister who welcome her with open hearts. Then the fear Zair had about his bride coming to harm comes to pass, but I won’t go into details.

I won’t reveal the end, but it was a WOW moment, not a cliffhanger but just something I look forward to pursuing in future books. Surprises, secrets, romance, sex and a High King and his High Queen who began their relationship as combative, but it evolves, and I couldn’t put the book down till I found out the ending.

My only problem now is when I get to read book two, I can’t wait. This is a book I can’t recommend highly enough.

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