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The Were Queen Book Cover The Were Queen
Seven Deadly Veils Book #8
Diana Marik
Romantic Fantasy. Weres/Shifters, Paranormal Vampire Romance
March 10, 2021

Queen Lizandra of Black Star Clan has ruled over her werewolves for years, defending their territory in New York from all invaders, but one thing has always been true: her love for her former alpha, the Red Wolf, Gavin McCray. When news of an impending war with a rival clan becomes apparent, she sidelines Gavin in favor of a new, dangerous alpha whose strength and fighting ability are unequaled by all others.

Gavin McCray has loved Lizandra ever since he became a member of the Black Stars. He thought she felt the same, but when his queen demoted him to beta, he had to accept that he no longer had her favor. Determined to win her back, he plans to show his prowess in the upcoming war with the deadly Red Claws and challenge the new alpha to claim what is rightfully his—no matter the risk or the cost.

Review by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is Lizandra the Were Queen’s story and what a story it is. Miranda, Liz’s best friend, has left to learn about her Elemental powers, so all focus is on the coming war between the Black Star clan and the Red Claws. Edgar Renworth is the king of the Red Claws, and he has plans for Central Park, the Black Star’s territory, something Liz will not allow and will die protecting it.

Unfortunately, the Red Claws have money and a much larger number of weres. Winning a war against the Red Claws is like David and Goliath, but this time the little guy may not come out victorious. Lizandra is also fighting a personal war between her beta, Gavin and her alpha, Cyrus. Gavin, once her alpha and lover, was demoted to beta and Cyrus promoted to alpha because as queen Liz made a move that would be best for the clan not necessarily best for her.

Cyrus is large, powerful and a force to be reckoned with so with war a foregone conclusion she picked the were that she felt would be the biggest asset to the clan. Gavin has loved Liz for a long time and being demoted in front of the entire clan was devastating but despite that he would always be loyal to her and fight to the death for her.

Renworth dreams of building a sports pavilion and Central Park, Black Star’s territory is where he wants to build it. He has a proposition for Liz, he will pay all the building expenses and they will share the profits. Liz knows that if she gives Renworth an inch he will want a foot and although he will go to war to have his dream become a reality Liz can’t give in.

Liz is facing the possibility of war knowing that so many of her people will die and on top of that she is facing the realization that she still loves Gavin, but she hurt him and must eat some crow to get him back. She also knows in her heart that Cyrus is better equipped to be alpha, and she will not remove him from that position, so how will Gavin react to that news.

Liz’s people will fight with all they have out of love for their queen and clan, Renworth’s people fight for the love of fighting. This book is full of surprises, secrets, romance, violence and betrayals and once again I am left yelling OMG because the ending, well let’s just say the ending was WOW.

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