Review: A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance – Tena Stetler

A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance Book Cover A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance
Demon's Witch Series Book 3
Tena Stetler
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 29, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Stefan Talltree is a Native American vampire and an ex-assassin for the Vampire Council. Now Stefan makes his home in Whitefish Montana where he is a D.J. at a radio station. Thanks to an enchantment by his Shaman grandfather Stefan has the ability to walk in the sun without any damage but he still prefers the night. One night while prowling the trails of Glacier National Park he met Brandy Shaughnessy a Park Ranger and from that night on his life would never be the same.

It was an instant attraction between Stefan and Brandy but Stefan was hurt by a woman he once thought he loved, a woman who betrayed him when she turned him into a vampire like she was. Now although he feels a need to be near Brandy he is unwilling to give in to his feelings and fall in love again. Brandy on the other hand is determined to get Stefan to let go and accept her because she knows that fate brought them together.

Brandy is not human and knows what Stefan is but she mates for life and will not bind herself to a man unless he is committed to the relationship. The act of lovemaking is all it would take for her and Stefan to seal the bond something he is not willing to accept. A huge fight between Stefan and Brandy sends her away for months. She went to her sister Hannah and her new husband Tristian who we met in book two. When she finally returns Stefan faces the fact that he can’t picture a life without her.

Tristian and Stefan have met before and Stefan realizes that he has to reveal all his secrets to Brandy before Tristian does it for him. Tristian is a powerful Warlock and demon slayer and he also has secrets that he has to reveal. Demons are being released and his family is in danger but now Stefan and Brandy are part of the problem and hopefully the solution. But it will all play out in Ireland and that is where the demon situation will be solved or not.

This book is filled with secrets, romance, warlocks, shifters, vampires, fairies and demons. We are reunited with the characters from both book one and book two and it is always fun to catch up with previous characters to find out what is going on with them. What Brandy is I won’t reveal because it is something you should find out for yourself. I will say that I loved this book and can’t wait for more.

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