REVIEW : Vetrix – Bill Bush & Blake Bush

Vetrix Book Cover Vetrix
Bill Bush and Blake Bush
Sci Fi, First Contact Science Fiction, Humorous Sci Fi
Snader Publishing
April 1, 2017

Two alien species. One threat to Earth.
But who is the real threat and who can be trusted?

Twelve-year-old Flipper doesn’t believe in aliens — until he is kidnapped by one.

When he wakes up one morning on the planet Vetrix he is trapped in the midst of an inter-planetary war. As Flipper struggles to survive and find a way back to Earth he discovers he may be a descendent of one of the warring species and that his intervening in the war may be his destiny, if destiny is decided by a computer program.

On Earth, Allison begins having dreams that turn out to be real experiences. When she watches a purple man disappear with her cousin, Flipper, no one believes her. Allison’s best friend Josh agrees to help and together the two sixth-graders begin their own investigation that leads them to the truth behind the Roswell Incident of 1947 and current alien activity on Earth.

As they try to figure out how to expose the secret colony of aliens and their plans to destroy the human race, Allison attempts to use her dreams to locate and rescue Flipper.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book was written by Bill Bush and his teenage son Blake and the targeted audience is kids 8 – 18 and one grandmother who loved it. Not a huge fan of sci-fi yet every once in a while, one comes along that I find myself interested in and this was one of them.

Twelve-year old Blake Brick (Flipper) does not believe in aliens unlike his cousin Allison but when he is kidnapped by a man with purple skin and hair and taken to the planet Vetrix, well his doubts are proved to be reality. A computer invented on Vetrix has named the person who will help them win the war with the Snaders. The Gudes are fighting a war they are afraid they will lose but when their savior turns out to be a twelve-year-old boy all hope is lost.

Now there is doubt about the accuracy of the computer and when Flipper is made to fight a dragon and loses well all hope hangs in the balance. Poor Flipper is caught in the middle of a war he knows nothing about, fought a dragon that left him paralyzed and all he wants is to be returned to his home on Earth. Unfortunately, Flipper doesn’t return home since he finds himself once again kidnapped and this time by the Snaders.

On Earth Allison and Flipper’s best friend Josh know that Flipper was taken by an alien but of course no one believes them. Allison’s dreams are much more than just dreams they are reality. In their hope of finding a way to save Flipper they go where they shouldn’t and find themselves trapped underground with no way out. They discover something that will put Earth and everyone on it in dire jeopardy but they have to get out and have to get adults to believe them.

With the Snader’s Flipper learns something about himself, something unbelievable but true. He finds two allies a doctor and his nurse and is unaware that the friends he made on Vetrix are on their way to save him.

What happens to Flipper and all the other twelve-year-olds on Earth and on Vetrix is not for me to say but young or old you should find out for yourself. Although this book is for the young, I totally loved it. It didn’t matter how old the main characters were if was an interesting story so I recommend it to one and all.

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