REVIEW: War of the Chaotic Worlds I – Otherworld Trilogy Book #3- Hermione Lee

War of the Chaotic Worlds I - Book Cover War of the Chaotic Worlds I -
Otherworld Trilogy Book #3- 1
Hermione Lee
Young Adult 13-18, Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
World Castle Publishing
July 11, 2022

Dark forces threaten to loom over the Otherworld as the tension between the two magical kingdoms brews like a storm. When misfortune befalls the Otherworld, two Elders are accused of treason. Alexandria, propelled to take action to vindicate her comrades and save her father, sets off to the Underworld with her friends. Unexpectedly, their mission takes a sharp turn for the worse when a devastating accident causes the Otherworldians to implode. The bond between them unravels and deteriorates as doubts begin to surface.

Nevertheless, the adventure must go on. Only by developing mutual trust and support can Alexandria and her companions conquer the challenges that pave the path to their ultimate goal. Yet at the same time, they cannot deny the fact a spy remains among them, uncaught and unpunished….

Review By Aethena Drake

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

From a beautifully illustrated formal ceremony that initiates new recruits into the Elders to a mission that involves climbing an icy mountain peak in search of a magical creature, this book is packed with vivid imagery and thrilling adventure. The Otherworld series continues to have elements of a light-hearted fantasy, but the story also explores some serious questions about loyalty and trust. The book begins with a tragedy that leaves the Elders questioning who might have betrayed their world. The chaos caused by the tragedy and King Patrick’s disappearance inspires Alexandria and her companions to set off on another mission to the Underworld.

The author writes with such joie de vivre that even the somber moments in the story flicker with a glimmer of hope. While the main character, Alexandria, is dealing with tragedy, she also finds ways to appreciate the beauty of the world that she has been pulled into. I found myself empathizing with Alexandria’s self-doubt as she struggles to maintain a positive outlook while she deals with the possibility that her mission will fail. The story ends with a resolution to the mission, but the battle to protect the Otherworld isn’t over.

This book gives the reader a chance to get to know King Patrick a little bit better, but there is still so much about him that could be explored. I wanted to understand his abilities better because they seemed to have an impact on many of his decisions in ruling the Otherworld. I also wanted to see more of a certain large magical creature. Sigh. I guess the kitten pillars really don’t need to be outshone though. I had fun reading this book. It is an excellent read if you are looking for a beautifully illustrated fantasy with a bit of intrigue and mystery. The magical creatures are described in vivid detail, the ceremonies are elegantly constructed, and the adventures are exciting.

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