REVIEW : Wolf Protector – Moon Kissed Book #3- Harper Brooks

Wolf Protector Book Cover Wolf Protector
Moon Kissed Book #3
Harper Brooks
Paranormal Witches and Wizards, Fairy Tale Fantasy, Folklore
Set 29, 2022

In this world of magic and secrets, nothing is as it seems.

Edmund, the vicious ex-alpha and Reid’s father, is back from the dead. And now, he’s set on expanding his tyrannical reign beyond the pack’s territory of Buson, Maine.

Even more shocking is that Edmund has brought a new friend with him: Carmen, Tasha’s sister and the one person she’s dedicated her life to bringing home. But the young witch doesn’t want to be saved. In fact, Carmen and Edmund have been working together to take out the Redcliff Pack and put their bloody plans into motion.

To save their future, Tasha and Reid must fully embrace their mate-bond and Tasha’s witch powers, while battling their pasts head on.

With claws, teeth, and magic.

Love, betrayal, and magic fill the pages of the final book of the Moon Kissed Series! Read the epic conclusion to Tasha and Reid’s story today!

Wolf Protector is book three of the Moon Kissed Series.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in the Moon Kissed series and unfortunately, it is the first one I have read. Having not read the first two there was so much I missed in spite of the fact that the author did a fine job of trying to bring the reader up to date. The thing I missed the most was what happened to the characters that brought them to the point where this book picks up.

Edmund Holden the former alpha of the Redcliff Pack and the father of the present alpha his son, Reid has come back and his appearance shocks everyone. Edmund was dead and Reid watched as his body was lowered into the grave but it was just another one of Edmund’s tricks. The first thing Edmund did was put his son and his mate Tasha behind bars Edmund is known for his cruelty to everyone including members of his family so Reid and Tasha have to find a way to escape.

While locked up Tasha is angry with Reid while he begs for forgiveness. More shocking than being a prisoner was the appearance of Tasha’s younger sister Carmen who she has been searching for. Carmen is not the sweet innocent girl she once was and is now under Edmund’s thumb doing his bidding without hesitation. When Carmen finally reveals where she has been and what she went through it is a horror story and although Tasha wants her old sister back, she realizes that her past has made her what she is today.

Escape is the only way for Tasha and Reid to save themselves and find a way to finally put Edmund in a grave this time for real. All his life Reid suffered at his father’s hands and so did his brothers and mother now it is time to stop him once and for all and it won’t be easy. Reid needs to protect his mate and his pack but he and Tasha are alone against Edmund and his wolves who are all killers.

Tasha and Reid have a strange relationship which unfortunately, I was only slightly aware of. She is a witch and wolves and witches are unheard of but she is his mate and he is not willing to let her go. For those who have read this series from the start all questions are answered and I am sure they will be happy with how things work out. I enjoyed the story and regret not having started it from the beginning but am happy with being there for the end.

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