REVIIEW : A Bride for Ross – The Prescott Brides Book#1 – Cynthia Woolf

A Bride For Ross Book Cover A Bride For Ross
The Prescott rides Book #1
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western, Romance,
Firehouse Publishing
June 1, 2022


Five lady outlaws sent to prison for bank robbery. Their sentences commuted to time served if they become mail-order brides.

Five brothers looking for wives, take a chance on the outlaw brides.

Will they find happiness or heartache?

Fiona O’Neill served half of her prison sentence and then was offered the chance to get out if she agreed to be a mail-order bride to one of the Campbell brothers.
She jumped at the chance. She’d robbed the bank to get the money to ransom her two-year-old son who was kidnapped by the boy’s father. She’d never given up the location of the money. Neither had any of the other women. When she was out and married, she would be living on a ranch just ten miles north of Prescott, where they’d robbed the bank. She began planning how to get her son from his outlaw father, Black Bart.
Could she slip away from her new husband? What if he found out?

Ross Campbell had been a single father for more than two years ever since his wife was brutally murdered in a stagecoach robbery by the outlaw, Black Bart. When he finds out that the prison is starting a mail-order bride program for non-violent lady outlaws, he agrees to the program for him and his brother’s as long as the outlaw’s woman, Fiona O’Neill, is one of the brides.

What will happen when two people with opposing agendas are married? Who will be the winner? Can they both win?

Reviewed by:Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Five women serving sentences in prison for bank robbery are given a chance at a new life all they had to do was accept becoming mail order brides. Fiona O’Neill, Gwen, Maisie, Ivy and Lottie happily agree to become brides for the five Campbell brothers, be ranch wives and mothers and put their pasts behind them.

As the oldest brother Ross chooses Fiona, he has two little girls and knows that Fiona has a little boy and would make a perfect mother. When Fiona’s little boy Billy was 2 ½ years old he was taken by his father Simon aka Black Bart who refused to return the boy until Fiona gave him $1,000 money should could only get by robbing a bank. Unfortunately, she has spent over two years in prison and has no idea where her son is and how he is being treated so marrying Ross is the answer to her prayers. Now she has to find a way to retrieve her portion of the bank money and get away to meet Black Bart without Ross finding out.

Ross’s wife and parents were killed by Black Bart and his wife suffered horribly before they finally gave her peace and killed her. Ross is aware of Fiona’s involvement with Black Bart and he is determined to avenge his family’s deaths. Ross and Fiona are at opposite sides where Black Bart is concerned, Ross wants him dead and Fiona wants him alive to find her son. Fiona robbed a bank in order to secure the money she needed to get her son and nothing will stop her from getting him back.

Fiona and the other brides adjust to their new lives and Fiona knows that her quest for her son Billy could result in her being returned to prison and losing the man she is now married to and who she has grown to care about. In spite of all that her dream of being reunited with her son overrides all the negatives and she needs to put a plan in effect. She can only hope that all goes well and that Billy can become part of her new family and welcome his two sisters but Ross doesn’t love her and would probably just as soon see her back in jail.

Five former prisoners all who robbed a bank together and five brothers all wanting wives and this was just the first story four more to go and I can’t wait.

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