REVIEW: The Enforcer- Abigail Owen

The Enforcer Book Cover The Enforcer
Fire's Edge Book 4
Abigail Owen
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Amara
December 9, 2019

Death comes for everyone. Even Drake Chandali. The aging process that twists all unmated dragon shifters’ bodies into something useless has taken hold of his body centuries early. A mate could have reversed the process, but now it’s too late. To protect his team of enforcers, he leaves, and comes face to face with the woman he’d thought was human when he saved her from a fire months before.
Except she’s not human. She’s a mate.
Camilla Carrillo almost lost her family to wildfire. To discover she’s fated to mate a creature made of flame and rage, and become one herself, should be terrifying. But somehow a rightness settles inside her, especially when she’s around the glowering red dragon shifter who wants nothing to do with her.
When Drake learns Cami bears his mark—the same mark as the High King—he refuses to believe she’s meant to be his. It’s too late. How could he turn Cami only to take her with him to the grave? At the same time, he can’t walk away. Hiding her from the corrupt, rotting High King might be the last honorable thing Drake ever does with the little time he has left.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Drake Chandali is an Enforcer for the Huracan team only he is dying. If a dragon has not found their mate by the age of 1000 they begin to age at a rapid rate but unfortunately for Drake who is just over seven hundred years old the onset of aging has come on him early. His nerves are deteriorating and he knows that it is too late for him to be saved by a mate and he can no longer endanger his team by remaining with them.

Once again a dragon set fire has endangered the lives of many people but one family in particular too busy trying to save their livestock is in imminent danger and there is no way out for them unless Drake saves them. Unable to move their truck since they are surrounded by flames and the tires on their truck have melted Drake picks it up to bring to a safe place only he finds himself confronted by a tiny woman unafraid of his dragon who yells at him and kicks him yelling that he better not eat her family. Drake is not used to anyone human or dragon not being afraid of him but this little spit fire shows no fear.

Drake is successful in saving Camilla Carrillo and her family and then proceeds to wipe their memory of him, but he can’t wipe his memory of her. Cami is approached by a man who tells her she is a dragon mate and should come with him but once again she does not take to being told what to do and refuses his help. Rune Abaddon has helped other dragon mates keeping them safe until their true mates come along. If a dragon tries to mate a woman not his she will die as soon as he tries to change her so helping these women is his way of saving them. The Rotting King of the Red Clan, Pytheios will try mating with any woman even if she dies.

Cami is determined to stay with her family until she suddenly begins to glow and spark and when it is aparent that she almost burned down the only home left on their property she made a phone call and asked for help. She makes friends with Skylar a woman who stays away from everyone but once again Cami won’t take no for an answer and insinuates herself into Skylar’s life. Skylar begins to teach her self defense and eventually accepts Cami’s friendship.

Everything changes for Cami when Drake comes to the shelter riding on Rune’s back. Drake has left his team and is unable to fly on his own so he has come to Rune until his disease takes his life. Drake passes out and it is Cami who runs to him, there is something about him that draws her in and she is not afraid. She cares for him in spite of his complaining and yelling and overall miserable attitude but he remembers this little spit fire and knows he can’t scare her off. In her presence he begins to feels better but even if she turned out to be his mate he would never put her life in danger since his death would mean hers as well.

I love this series and the characters especially Cami who for a tiny little woman has no trouble facing these giant dragons and telling them where to go. She refuses to leave her family when she becomes a dragon mate which is expected of her but one should never have expectations where Cami is concerned. I highly recommend this series and I can’t wait for more.

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