Visions of Shadows-A.M. Burns and A.T. Weaver

Visions of Shadows Book Cover Visions of Shadows
Shifter Force (Book 2)
A.M. Burns A.T. Weaver
MM Paranormal Romance Mystery
Mystichawker Press
November 1, 2019

A child’s cry shall lead them.
Connor McGriffin, psychic cougar shifter, can’t resist when he’s called to Phoenix to help find two missing boys. With his team at his side, he follows his visions and a hot trail through the desert and across the border. But there are more obstacles than ever before as he fights to interpret the images his psychic gift provides.
Danny Lupan is trying to adjust to his new role in life, Connor’s partner and member of Shifter Force. When the system he’s spent years in the middle of starts blocking them, he’s got choices to make, some of them harder than he expected. Even as their team is on the cusp of earning their wings, tension from inside and out might pull them apart.
Emotions run high when the lives of children are on the line as Shifter Force races across the desert southwest, facing more danger than they could imagine, while they struggle to keep the cries Connor hears from becoming more graves.
Book 2 of the amazing new urban fantasy series, Shifter Force, is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last incredible page.

Review by Madison Davis Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Visions of Shadows is the second book in the ‘Shifter Force” series. In the first book, we met Connor McGriffin, a very strong psychic, who was working as a law enforcement consultant. Together with Danny Lupan, he solved an important case in Jemez Springs. As a result, the ‘Shifter Force’ had been founded, their three only members, Lisa, Connor’s former partner, Connor, our favorite cougar-shifter, and Danny Lupan, the wolf-shifter. Connor’s former boss, Chief Kennedy, works on legalizing the ‘Shifter Force’ as an official law enforcement force.

But long before that, Connor is called to Phoenix. Chief Nelson asked for assistance in a case of kidnapping. Two boys in Phoenix disappeared. Connor’s gifts as a psychic are needed. Connor, Danny, and Lisa take on the case and start talking to the parents. Kyle’s and Bobby’s father dislikes them from the beginning. He doesn’t trust psychics, and he hates shifters. He makes it hard for Connor. Connor turns to the boy’s mother, and the connection is far stronger than it should have been. It not only demands a lot of Connor’s strength and energy – it also shows him that this case is involving far more children than only the two boys, Kyle and Bobby.

The FBI is involved.

At this point, I won’t continue with the story. I think it’s very important the fans of ‘Visions of Rage,’ the first book in the series, dive into this book. No reader will be disappointed, not by the story, nor by the romance within the book. Connor’s and Danny’s connection grows, so does their love for each other. Lisa is a calm and witty base of their force, but even she faces her private challenges.

Like the first story, Visions of Shadows is a page-turner. The story, the plot, the new characters, every single introduction is adding thrill and excitement to the book. I would say, even if a reader doesn’t know the first book, he or she still will fall in love with the characters and like the story. Since the first case was officially closed, this is a new case and a new book.

I now can’t wait to read the next book, Visions of Stars. I’m convinced, A. M. Burns and A. T. Weaver prepared a book of the very same quality and the wonderful characters they started this series with. I’m a huge fan of the ‘Shifter Force Series.’


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