Author Interview with 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee Lizzy Gayle

A Matter of Time Book Cover A Matter of Time
Fantasy Resorts Book 2
Lizzy Gayle
Time Travel Romance, Science Fiction Romance
City Owl Press: Mystic Owl
August 4, 2022
282 pages

Arizona circa 1888 may be a fun place to visit, but the Time Capsule Fantasy Resort didn’t mean to crash land there.

It’s up to Walter Doyle, inventor of the new technology, to find and repair the missing cloaking device without altering the timeline. Easier said than done when he runs into a real-life, real-sexy Annie Oakley named Sadie. From the moment she points her shotgun at him, he’s smitten.

All Sadie Rogers wants is to be left alone to mind her ranch and her son, something the men in town wouldn’t be keen on if they found out her husband was dead. Keeping a low profile gets more complicated when the handsome Wally shows up on a hush-hush mission from Washington. When his top-secret contraption kills a man on Sadie’s property, she hides the evidence. Though, she might be convinced to turn the thing over in exchange for Wally posing as her new fiancé to help save her ranch…

With sabotage afoot and a town full of corrupt cowboys and nosy neighbors, can Wally and Sadie find a way to solve both their problems? Maybe. But they’ll create an even bigger one while trying—how to hold on to love that transcends time itself.

2022 RCA Author Interview with Lizzy Gayle

Interview by Sherry Perkins

Lizzy Gayle

Lizzy Gayle is an author who walks the walks and talks the talk. A creator of shenanigans, a traveler in Old Tucson, owner of a portal to chaos, and a gifted and sensitive psychic, she writes from experience. And she truly, truly has fun with her characters and the lives they lead!

1. What was the inspiration for your Paranormal Romance Guild 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award nominated book, A Matter of Time, in the Romance/Historical/Time Travel, and the Fantasy Resorts Series in the Series category?

My inspiration for A Matter of Time came from my years as an entertainer at Old Tucson Studios. I lived and breathed the old west and loved every moment of it. My character, Gabby Labouche, is similar to the busybody in the book. I knew if I was going to do a time travel story, I had to get details right, and the old west around Tucson is where I’m most comfortable. I also took a cue on the action and shenanigans from some of the shows we did, including one that I co-wrote. It fit perfectly in the Fantasy Resorts series because each book can stand alone and there are just so many fun opportunities with a forbidden romance in a time travel resort.

2. What bit of advice you would give to new writers?
I have three things to say to aspiring writers. Write what you love because if you want to read it, there will be others that do too. Read, read, read in your genre because you naturally pick up on things from other books as well as truly know what’s out there and what the readers expect (and that way if you break the rules, you do it on purpose). And persevere is the last and probably most important bit. If you give up, you’ll never get anywhere, so don’t!
3. Why do you think your book should win — in other words, what makes it unique?
Because it was so much fun to write, and the feedback from readers tells me that comes through loud and clear. I love Sadie and Wally so much and all the supporting characters. It’s fast paced, fun, and something different. If you haven’t read the book—please do and let me know what you think! I love hearing from readers and it’s available on KU for free, so why not?


He lifted her about the waist and set her on the top step of the carriage. It was a nice one too, as nice as she’d ever seen with velvet cushions and folded blankets set aside for the upcoming winter. She didn’t recognize the driver either, a handsome man with wide, dark eyes, and a black hat that he tipped at her as he winked.
“Where’d you find this?” she asked.
“Came all the way from Washington, Miss,” the driver answered instead of Wally. “Name’s McGovern. Pleasure to meet you. If you get tired of Doyle’s company, just let me know.”
“I hired you to drive, McGovern. That’s what you do, isn’t it? Not to flirt with women.”
“Lighten up, Doyle. Just having some fun with the pretty lady.” McGovern winked again.
“I didn’t bring my shotgun, but I do have a Derringer in my garter,” Sadie announced to no one in particular as she smoothed the material of her skirts.
McGovern whistled in appreciation and coaxed the horses into a trot. When Sadie glanced at Wally, he was watching her with a smile that made her stomach fizz like sarsaparilla.
“What?” she whispered so McGovern wouldn’t hear.
“Nothing. I like your hair.” Wally’s grin grew wider.
Sadie’s hand fluttered to the curls that cascaded down the side of her head and over her shoulder. She hadn’t done her hair up that nice since James courted her either. She supposed she wanted to look the part for the day so everyone would buy their act.
Wally chuckled and the bubbles in her tummy increased.
“What now?” she whispered.
“You. Trying to act like a lady,” Wally said.
Sadie’s mouth dropped open as anger overtook the strange sensations in her body. At least it was familiar. “I’m not a lady?”
“That’s not what I meant.” Wally scooted closer, peeking to make sure McGovern wasn’t listening. “I mean you’re too wild and exuberant to be stuffed into a mold.”
Sadie furrowed her brow, trying to detangle that mess of words. “I’m wild?” She scooted as far into the corner of her seat as possible.
Wally sighed with frustration and whipped the hat off his head before leaning in further so that there was no escape from his warmth or the smell of mint and that something that made her toes tingle. “It’s like putting a stallion in a harness, a shame.”
“Wally are you feeling okay?”
Then his mouth was on hers and the tingles in her toes zinged up through her whole body and back down to meet the fizz in her belly, an explosive combination.


Lizzy Gayle loves paranormal so much, she lives it. She is both an author and a psychic. Between mothering her three kids, attempting to understand her rocket scientist husband, and consistently attempting to declutter her home (that she is convinced is a secret portal to a clutter-creating dimension), she does her best to use her creative gifts and share them with you.


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