New Release – Earth 2100: 18 Captivating Visions of a Sci-Fi Future

Title: EARTH 2100 Author: J Scott Coatsworth Multi Author Anthology Genre: Science Fiction, Science Fiction Anthologies, Ages 14-18 Publisher: Independent Release Date: April 28, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 266 Source: Amazon 18 Authors Participated in this anthology………Let’s see what they had to say: Earth on the Cusp of the Twenty-Second Century Just think how the … Read more

REVIEW- Transform the World: Writers Save the World- J.Scott Coatsworth and Multi Authors

Title: Transform the World: Series: Writers Save the World- Author: J. Scott Coatsworth Stephanie N. F. Greene , Holly Schofield , B. Morris Allen, JoeAnn Hart Xauri'EL Zwaan, Beth Gaydon, Jaymie Heilman, Stephen B. Pearl, O.E. Tearmann, Des Anges Derek, Bondoni Gustavo , Sottong Stephen, Denardo Jana , Genre: Science Fiction, Science Fiction Anthologies Publisher: Other Worlds … Read more