Dual REVIEW : In Plain Sight – Second Sight Book #2- KC Wells

In Plain Sight Book Cover In Plain Sight
Second Sight Book #2
KC Wells
Murder Mystery, Cold Case, Bi-sexual Fiction, Psychic Mystery
DSP Publications
Oct 17, 2023

Detective Gary Mitchell and psychic Dan Porter are now investigating cold cases that are literally falling from the sky—a headless body in 2006 and a carpenter who fell from a roof two years ago.

The first case leads them into dangerous territory. The second feels like a dead end.

But what if they’re connected?

Gary has a lot of balls in the air—his work, his new relationship with Dan, his personal quest to discover more about his brother’s murder…. And the more he looks into these two cases, the more convoluted the path becomes.

Everyone is hiding something, and some people would do anything to make sure Gary and Dan don't uncover the truth.

Dangerous territory indeed.

DUAL Review By Xanthe Member of the PRG Review Team

In Plain Sight is a great cold case murder mystery book that follows Gary, a detective, and Dan, a psychic, who are the duo now working the new cold case department.

Their first case has them chasing several leads as they investigate the murder of Cheryl, a trans woman who died in the 90s. Along the way we meet her father, old friends, a senator, a violent transphobe and possible links with an old crime family. Every which way has Gary and Dan thinking of new suspects and reasons for her death, but the real answers bring more surprises and heartache for those involved.

Gary and Dan work so well together. Considering Gary really didn’t believe in psychics before working with Dan on their previous case, he’s come so far. They both also want to work on Gary’s brother’s cold case but know it will be slow going. There is an unexpected moment or two with Gary’s parents after the way they have behaved towards Gary since Brad died.

We are left with a tantalizing end, and I can’t wait to see how that develops in the next book along with what cold case will be worked on. KC’s writing just drew me in from the start and I got really invested with the case, how Dan’s ability can help them and to obviously see if I guessed right before the MC’s!

Dual Review by Gloria Lakritz PRG Review Chair

Book One of this series had Dan coming to town to help with a serial killer. He had lent his expertise on a few other police cases and with the bodies mounting in their city the chief called him in. Gary has worked his way up threw the ranks, with his brother being killed viscously and left to die in the local park. Life as he knew it stopped at home. His parents shutting down to all but each other. The people they paid who said they were psychic never could find a clue….There fore his thoughts in that direction were not positive. His mind was changed in many ways, meeting Dan, working with him, finding he was liking him more than a partner. Then Dan responding to him…….

We come to book two with Dan staying in town, them a couple and beginning a Cold Case Department for old unsolved crimes. KC Wells is a master at planning her web of intrigue and takes the reader on a twisting turning path from a body with out a head falling from the ceiling of a highway tunnel to other people disappearing ..Could they be the same killer? How could this be? With nimble fingers, and a great imagination KC Wells takes us to Cold Cases 101 with a real psychic…..What a team!

Speaking about Team it was nice to see the Detective team beginning to accept Dan s their own. Can’t wait for Book #3 is up for r order March 19, 2024 and #4 Feb 25, 2025….Help





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