Dual Review: The Mystery of the Bones – C.S. Poe

The Mystery of the Bones Book Cover The Mystery of the Bones
Snow & Winter Book 4
C.S. Poe
MM Mystery Romance
DSP Publications
September 24, 2019

Dual Review!

The Mystery of the Bones (Snow & Winter Book 4) By C.S. Poe


It’s been a full year since the mystery that brought antique shop owner and part-time amateur sleuth Sebastian Snow together with NYPD homicide detective Calvin Winter. Patience, sanity, and their very lives have been put to the test, but love has persevered. Although Sebastian is now New York City’s best-known busybody, he’s done solving crimes and wants nothing more than to plan a romantic budget wedding.

Then Snow’s Antique Emporium receives a decapitated human head in the mail and the holidays are gory once again. Sebastian patently disregards the mystery of a lifetime because he is done with death and danger—but the killer escalates. Before Sebastian knows it, his closest friends and family are dragged into a series of horrific murders with antiquated clues hinting to the infamous Victorian American Bones Wars.

The clock is ticking to recover a long-lost artifact linked to paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope and to capture a murderer. But it’s not Sebastian who may become the next target—it’s Calvin.


Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I have been intrigued by this series since Carroll Poe introduced Calvin and Sebastian in August of 2016 with The Mystery of Nevermore. I have always reveled in a good mystery novel, again saying how this one caught my fancy immediately. For all the reading I do, finding a book that checks off all my boxes is hard for me to find. I am intrigued when an author gives me a well written story, with well defined characters, that can hold my interest. Suffice to say this series has been one of my favorites; hating to see it end.

Calvin and Seb have become part of my life as Ms. Poe has shared theirs with me. Cal a police detective in New York City and Seb a shop owner in Lower Manhattan, have danced across the hundreds of pages with murder and mayhem and puzzles to solve. From the Statue of Liberty to Harlem we follow the clues, share the fear, and watch them grow into a loving romance that blooms before our eyes. Each story is well thought out, taking us all over the city and its boroughs delighting me as an ex New Yorker.

Calvin Winters the staunch NY cop, falls in love with Sebastian Snow when he gets a case to solve when Seb finds ‘a heart’ under its floor boards in his Antique Emporium. This is just a puzzle Sebastian is up for and an with it an Edgar Allen Poe mystery has to be solved. See what I mean?

So these mystery solving expeditions come with price of being hurt, shot etc….But does not stop the two from the wonderful, sexy, loving relationship forming. The by the book cop and the free spirit puzzle solver master of memorabilia is a great match.

So now this last book we have another bloody delivery, a human head with a note. The note offering a clue, with another puzzle to figure out; Ms Poe taunts us with other deliveries and other clues. I did guess it wasn’t Col. Mustard in the Garden with a Candlestick! With Calvin’s life at stake there was no margin for error. Again, this was a wonderful mind game for Sebastian to work out. I loved it ! I loved the series……A MUST READ!!!!


Reviewed by Melissa Brus

member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I like this book. In the same way that Sebastian Snow likes Calvin Winter. And seeing as they are planning their wedding in this fourth book of Snow and Winter, that’s saying something! As we join our dynamic duo, Sebastian has decided to put aside his curiosity to focus on his shop and his upcoming nuptials. Of course circumstances must then force him to investigate some truly grisly mysterious packages, especially when they start appearing in his store and home. This story was all encompassing for me. It got me from the beginning and I had to finish it the same day. I may have put off a few household chores. It was so worth the sacrifice! My favorite part of this book was seeing Calvin and Sebastian’s interactions change as their relationship has grown. Actually all of the relationships have grown and changed in this latest adventure.

In true Poe fashion, there are fun twists and turns as Seb uses his amazing encyclopedia of knowledge to piece together the truth. Only Poe can put paleontology, odd medical drawings, and cryptic Spenserian handwritten riddles together to create a truly spooky situation for our resident genius to figure out. The stakes in this one can not be higher. With his family and his love in serious danger, it created a frantic page turner. I am sad to see the end to their adventures but I am very satisfied with this as their finale. Definitely add this one to your library!!

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